When People Ask If Your Ok, They Really Dont Want To Hear It

I dont know what else to do except pretend to be ok. When people ask if your ok, they dont really mean it. They just ask because they feel like they have to. Once you start telling them the truth they wished they never asked to begin with. So for me, I pretened to be ok so people wont ask anymore, when really Im dying on the inside.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

i think we all do that. it is just learned to not try and drag others down. but some people actually do care. like me.

You are right!! I have found that people on here really do care!! :0) thank you!

you are a wonderful person!!

Thanks!! You are too!! So wonderful

Yes, I see. It is a question like a greeting. No need to answer more.

i know exactly how your feeling, trust me. its like if i know how to one thing its how to pretend to be fine when im really not. (coming up on the 3 month mark of cutting.)

Awe Emily! I hate that u cut urself :( I know I don't have room to talk but when I hear someone else cuts themselves, it makes me so sad for them because I honestly know how they feel!! Inbox me and let me know what's going on