I Pretend I'm Ok

but i'm really not.

I hide my saddness beyond my fake smiles.

they say my eyes asks to much. and my lips hides so much. n my life is unknown to myself aswell.

 lemme tell u you something . why is dat noones knows i am makin fake smiles.

theres no one near me.... noone close.  i dun't even have BEST FRIENDS nor friends..

its just i am alone... here... and sad here.............................

.. i just hate dis world.... it takes to much.... n leaves so less.....


i am sharin dis wid u all ... so can i find people like myself

aheed aheed
18-21, M
2 Responses May 16, 2010

i'm feeling this way atm, but its a process of growth. Did you manage to overcome the issue?

Hey there, I think we all feel this way at times. I know i feel this way as we speak, but I have realized I have no friends because of the friends I choose to have in the first place. All self centered ******** for friends and I was the doormat that everyone used to get what they wanted. It took me years to realize that I would rather be alone than continue trying to make everyone else happy and feel like **** about myself. Things will get better.... I swear they will......<br />
p.s dont take this wrong...But have you considered depression meds I have found them to be helpful to boost me out of my depressions.....I feel like your average American trying to find a pill to fix everything...Maybe thats why Ive been fighting a drug addiction for most of my life...I dont know but I hope this helped