“Take all the time you need.” This is something we lovers say in the most bitter way. No, I don’t want to let you go. We’re sitting here in silence with only the sound of our involuntary human noises. The sniffs of our noses, the rumbling of our stomaches, our pathetic little weeps. Why do we do this to ourselves? Love is the worst feeling in the world. When it begins its amazing. How could anyone believe life is anything less than amazing? Eventually, that person stops making your stomach flip. The same, but growing different. The person you loved is dead. He died. They died. And what’s left? You. Tiny little you, in your huge shell of a body. Escape. "No one can hurt you anymore, baby. Sleep. No one can hurt you. I won’t let them." Who’s voice is this? It used to be his. Now I speak to myself. Its obvious I’m so scared of change. All I want is you.
iwastedmyyouth iwastedmyyouth
22-25, F
Jul 26, 2010