To Live Is To Act

My mother always used to say
"ur vivre, c'est agir, d'agir, nous devons mensonge" (to live is to act, to act u must lie) and at first i never understood. Now, i do.

its so much easier to just pretend ur ok. Because in reality most people don't give a damn. So what's the point in revealing how u feel. And with family its just easier, their happy if ur happy. So just put on a smile and go about ur day and try ur hardest not to let ur emotions show.

i sound like a total hypocrite.

Because i suck at all of that. But id rather live a lie then tell certain people whats wrong...
Artemis17 Artemis17
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Acting is easy but it gets you no where. No one knows you as the real you is hidden away under the role that you play. People that do not truly care enough about you to care about how you truly feel do not even deserve the effort that you put into acting. Just be yourself and if you don't want to tell anyone how you feel cause you hate them then just tell them that. Brutal honesty is way better then sweet little lies.

@faustineDoll, yes it does, It feels like your suffocating.

yea. but sometimes don't you find it gets so hard?