I Tend To Put On A "happy" Mask When I'm Out In Society..

I suffer from depression, especially in the winter months, and when I'm out among a bunch of ppl, I tend to smile a lot, and try to make it seem like life is peachy for me, because I found if I look all depressed, people come up to you and ask what's wrong.. I hate it when people do that, because I don't usually know what to say.. sometimes I don't have one particular reason for being depressed, I just am.  There are only a few people I hang out with even, who I show my true self and they know how life isn't really ok for me.. I also have trouble trusting people, because people have in the past said things to others that I didnt want to be told to anyone, so I tend to use it as a barrier to other people "getting in" as well..
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I think a big percentage of all humanity do this, just "pretending" to be okay and happy, some can do it for a very long time ,if not for their all existence , but some do it just for a while , until they can find someone to share with.<br />
If you are "depressed" like you said, try to focus on the stuff you really like and/or enjoy , no matter the weather or where you are , just try to find something to fulfill your living.<br />
You may have your reasons for being depressed , and people around you can get worried and ask about it, but try to understand , it is their job to worry or to have to fix your problem. And yes no boy likes a sad and troubled person but hey you can open up and be yourself at least with one person, it helps believe me it really helps.<br />
Life it's awfully hard , you don't have to face it by yourself.

I do this too, but I don't really see it as a bad thing.<br />
People tend to like you better when you smile a lot and pretend you're okay en it's not always good to show people your true self, it can be dangerous. You might cheer up when you pretend to be happy and smile a lot, so that's definitely a pro :)