I Don't Like For People To...

I don't like for people to see my pain. People really don't see it unless they look at my eyes. If people ask how I am, I generally say that I'm fine. I do the same if I'm depressed. That's what I like about this site. I can say how I'm really feeling and no one judges me or complains avout me complaining all the time.
silvertears silvertears
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

yes, never let other see your pain.

I understand and can relate.

yea, Im that person who gets the wrap for complaining all the time. I realized that about myself when I was very young. And I also find myself telling people I'm okay when I'm not. I do it for two reasons: I don't think they really care even though they say they do and I don't think they'll understand. The feelings of depression are so intense. But I don't want to share the situation so that I don't seem pathetic. If people really knew what I have dealt with in my life, it would be a mystery to them how I make it through each day.<br />
But as for people seeing your pain, I agree. It seems like you lose some of your power when you show any part of yourself on the inside. I feel like those people don't deserve my real feelings.