There is one thing in my life that I have learnt, and that is to answer truthfully when asked if I am alright, if you say you are when really your not, then how are people meant to know what your feeling, so now if am asked, I say how I feel, and am amazed how people will say  "why, whats wrong".

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yes, it's all rather shallow isn't it but I would rather not tell some people that I am not coping or feeling like crap or whatever because sometimes when you start sharing your problems, you are just giving someone else an advantage over you and it is possible to regret being so open. <br />
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depends on the person and the situation, I suppose.

People sone times are so busy listening to them selfs talking that they dont wait for a responce as they rush on to there next subject,its like they suddenly get deaf ears when we try to say our bit,or they find a reason toleave the room as soon as we open our mouth to speak

must be nice to have people who actually pay attention, all i get back is, " that's good. " As if i had actually said, " fine. "