I Do It All the Time.

I know im only 16, pretty young and stuff to most people but i do pretend that i'm okay most of the time. To most of my friends they would never know something was wrong. I think i kind of feel safer knowing everyone thinks im fine, i guess its a issue i have i hate people worrying about me. I feel weak if i show im sad or upset i know know why i just always have. I have problems showing my emotions to people so i tend to pretent im big and strong.

But then sometimes i think the act is a bad thing, i've done it so long im kinda scared to show what im really feeling. It's almost like im two totally different people, and the people around me wouldn't accept the weak person inside.

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Take it from someone who has been doing that their whole life and is still doing that. Find someone to talk to while you are still young and can change......

I feel you sadness because I understand.Find someone to talk to keeping it inside will destroy.Find help

That sounds a lot like me talking.<br />
I'm trying to stop pretending everything's fine when it isn't...because after a while you start to kid yourself into believing you're big and strong and "okay".

hunny know we all would exept you its not such a bad thing being locked away but of corse its not the best thing take me for an example i never shut my trap with my emotions i feel that i am expressing myself way to much. living bhind walls isnt the worst thing hec i should learn to put some up because some times we make mistackes like letting the wrong people in i have done this alot <br />
but i guess you have to tell your self your limmets and remind your self that some can be pushed and your true friends should always be there fore you no matter what<br />
remeber you will always have me <br />

You're already stronger than you give yourself credit for, just by carrying this burden on your own. Showing emotion and feeling isn't a weakness; it's human. And every human has needs and need to be needed. Find a confidant that understands this, and be each others' support. Good luck! And if you can't stand strong, at least stand tall! :)