I Only Talk About It Online, to People I Barely Know (if At All)

I pretend that he and what happened back then is in the past. My family doesn't know how I struggle to find closure and forgive myself. I wish I could tell my boyfriend, but I never get a good moment to, or maybe it's an excuse.

I don't talk about it with the people who are important to me, but it's been on my mind a lot and it haunts me.

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add me as a friend okay.

Oh, I see. Somehow, it's worse... I mean, when something haunts you years after, and you know everyone expects you to have gotten over it. If you want and think it would help, you can talk to me about it :)

I am doing the samething as you.<br />
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For me I am hurt by what my adoptive mom told me that happened to my oldest sister but I asked my birthmom who told me my dad di first then it happened again.<br />
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To know I cant forget that it happened over 18 years ago it is hard as I am reliving it now. <br />
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Not many know though

Aww thank you for the sweet comment. Yes, I guess it is rather hard, since it happened 5 years ago and I still think of it.<br />
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I did try to tell my psychologists who were offering a few free sessions of group therapy, but eventually they just gave up on us. Funny you'd mention teachers, since I'm a psychology student and most of my teacher are either psychotherapists or something close, but I don't trust them that much yet. Thank you very much for your support, anyhow :)

This sounds like somehing you might need to get some professional help for . . . don't suffer needlessly. If it is a bad experience you might find a counsellor or psychologist could help.<br />
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If not, could you talk to someone you trust - clergy person? a teacher? a doctor?<br />
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Don't feel you have to cope alone - it can be TOO hard.<br />
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Thinking of you.