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ill never tell people my feelings or emotions, i just tuck them away and hope nobody notices. i don't want other people to be effected by my feelings. i just don't like talking about them to people. i find it hard to voice them or put detail into it. i just sit around, hoping things will get better on there own, and they never do. so i just let it all go

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I know how that is. I always used to just keep everything to myself and for awhile no one noticed anything was wrong and thats how I wanted it as well. <br />
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But this year I go to a new school and the friend I met somehow figured out what no one could and she surprised me by asking me what is wrong. <br />
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I didn't think I was showing that anything was upsetting me and something was wrong as I never did before. But she saw something others did not and somehow mangaged to get to me open up completely to her which I have never been able to do.<br />
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It helped me to finally talk about it but I hoped she would notice that it was hard for me to do so. <br />
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She told me to talk to my counselor and I wasn't sure I could as I didn't know him at all. But eventually I had no choice but to do so. <br />
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She has helped me through this and still is. Without her I would have probably just given up honestly.

I am almost the same way.. I'm getting better. I wrote down my feelings.. well at first it aggravated me cause there was so many and i hated feelings.. so i would type half sentences in a live journal.. and eventually it got a little easier.. and then i could read them back to myself and find out what part didn't sound offensive to anyone.. and say that part..and now people come to me to help in situations because me sitting back and observing helped me be able to think about things clearly and make good decisions..and when I did say something they looked at what I was saying and it usually helped.. smart people have always had a hard time expressing feelings.. but if you learn how it could benefit everyone around you.<br />
so even if you use this to express your self for a while it might help! try it (:<br />
if you need any help with anything i would more than love to help.