Broken Inside

We all pretend to be okay...wether its at the beside of a dying loved one or in the middle of a test with 20 million problems on your mind and wishing you could just let go and burst into tears.

i've been through both of these and the 1st one we do because of compassion..we don't want our loved one to go through any more emotional pain by seeing the people they love crying....

but the second one is the one when we feel the most fake...we feel alone...guilty...and unfair....why is it that we dont share how we feel with people who are willing to listen???????

because we care too much what they will think....its just a petty problem??...its a silly reason to cry???'s all just for attention???.........all of these things are what we feel is going through the persons head if we say how we feel.

sometimes it's just too painful to say out loud and we prefer to live in denial and keep the pain locked inside in the hope that it will go away.

All these we do are normal but there will be a point in your life when you no longer have control...or you finally burst out....or you realise the pain you are putting the people who care abput you through because they are worried.

just make sure you don't make the mistake that many people including myself have made by leaving it until the last minute when people have stopped caring and whne your finally ready to share they don't want to listen.

That's all....any Q's whiteboard me. xxxxxxx 

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You've said it all so beautifully. =>