My boyfriend got rid of Facebook coz I was asking him loads of qestions about it and makin us argue he said it not worth argueing over so he go rid of it but he's not telling people real reason why he got rid of it
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Do you really want him to tell people that he got rid of his Facebook cause his girlfriend pretty forced him too by asking him so many questions? Cause sweetie that isn't going to bode well for your reputation as a girlfriend, let alone human being.

When a guy acts out like than and says screw it I'll delete it if you really don't trust me with it.

Lastly that kinda reaction is a bad reaction. Push him to far and he might just say goodbye cause he will take you as a control freak.

From the little info you have given there is two ways he is playing this off. A: you pissed him off cause you kept up with Facebook matters, when he told you "it isn't worth fighting over" or B: he has been cheating on you, and he deleted or deactivated his account to discard what he was doing.

Either way. If it was me, it wouldn't be B cause I hate users and abusers. If it was A for me. I'd say "hey fine you want to make a issue of it than go thru my Facebook and my emails." And than if you actually did. I'd change the password, and log out. And go somewhere. If we were living together it be for a long walk, if we weren't it would be home. Much likelihood I'll be breaking up with u later that week over trust issues that I would feel can't be worked out.

I No he would not cheat on me I wen thou is emails and Facebook I have turst iusse .... But I looked thou is history on Facebook and seen he been lookin up girls he knew but did not have them on Facebook and that was the last with it then he got rid

Well are you happy now?

Your going to hurt him you know that right?

Those trust issues don't get resolved and your gonna get hurt along with hurting him

I am very happy but I can't help feelin way I feel ... Do u think it bad what I just told u ?

Like I said. If I was your man I'd tell you to make some dicsions, either you trust me or you don't. I'll give you a handful of chances to show me of change. And if you still can't trust me. I'd tell, it just isn't working out, we dated for such and such a period of time, and you don't have any trust in me and thus no trust or faith in this working out. So goodbye.

Honestly. If you want my too cents in. You are broken. Critically broken. You need to fix those trust issues cause if you don't, nothing will work for you in the end. So maybe it is best you go to him, and say "look babe I'm sorry about the whole Facebook thing, I have trust issues and I would like to work on it with you please." And any half decent guy will say yes.

He's been with me for year and a bit now and pit up with all this but looking up girls he knows is that bad ??

Here is a rule.

He can look but god forbid if he is caught doing anything other! Looking isn't cheating flirting is cheating.

I no but he tels me he's not instead or looks at anyone in that way

Than honestly, and this is the second post you made in regards to this and many people have said it before!

Fix your trust issues or this isn't going anywhere.

Leave him if you don't trust him. It very wellay make him feel better.

So I just got turst and belive

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Don't be a clingy ***** and leave him alone.

What u mean

Clingy means obsessively controlling in a manner that your always there.

Nothing wrong with it unless its full attempt to take control of the persons life. That's unhealthy.

What's wrong with being clingy. I love clingy gfs. Means I can count on a hug and cuddles later on.

I think Sam means clingy to the point that the bf can't have room to breathe. Obsessing over something is no laughing matter... It means that both parties have problems: she won't live her own life and feels she has to watch his every move and know every thought and he would like some freedom from overly attached girlfriend...

Exactly! Thanks for that Hun :)

No problem!

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i'm geussing he was chatting with lots of girls then? sorry

Why :s

I checked everything how does that mean he was cheatin