Cuz Maybe I Will Eventually Believe It

 I have gotten better about it,yet I still look at my wrists from time to time, wishing to self destruct. It would be so much easier it feels like;than sitting here watching every one else be happy while I struggle.I know that I am fortunate to have what I have, yet What I have seems like nothing compared to what I need.Maybe its one of those grass is greener on the other side things or something.
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2007

I find that sometimes when I feel blue and unhappy that it helps to get up and go on anyway. Of course my desire is to stay in bed and ponder all the reasons that I feel bad. But when I get up get dressed and go on with my day I have found that I usually find that things weren't as bad as i thought when I was laying in bed thinking about them. Sometimes it takes more than a day for my thoughts to get along side the motions I am going through, but I have found that eventually they line up. Even when I had cancer within about 3 weeks my thoughts were aline with what I was facing. Hang in there. Don't give up. Hugs, CMR

i know it seems like evryone has it easy. but the chances are, they are in the same boat, still struggling to stay afloat. i know its hard to believe but alot of people act like everything is fine and it gets them through. different people have different ways of dealing with things. dont give up, everyone has ups and downs but when something bad happens it makes me appreciate more the times when things are just ok, because you never know what is around the corner and sometimes its better not to know because the chances are if we knew all the bad we probably wouldnt bother living in the first place. but we would be neglecting the possibility of anything positive at all. dont give up. its hard but something will come along to make it all worth while.

I know exactly how you feel,<br />
Knowing you lucky to have what you have but<br />
feeling like you need more.<br />
It's a tuff one but i think the only way to get thru is to<br />
hold onto the good things around you and try not to think about all the bad.<br />
<br />
It does get easier, but it takes time.<br />
Good luck =]<br />
<br />
brokensound xxx