Can you have sex with soneone and have nothing for them
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Yes... But why would u.

That can harm u in the long run


How would be the bigger question.

My experience. It was high school, last yr of Jr high and start of high school. I was dating this girl for 2 yrs. Not once in those 2 yrs did I ever tell her I loved her. She ask me to sleep over and I would. I never cheated on her, never hit or hurt her, never ever called her names and we never ever fought!

Right there that should tell you its not a healthy relationship at all. I'd sleep next to her, had sex with her, play with her hair, joke, walks, runs, movies, you name it. One day. Just after January of or second yr going out. We were alone, her mom was away, her dad was separated and married to a girl pretty much her age. They were away too.

She turned to me said my name. And asked if I loved her. Deep down in side I actually felt bad, cause the truth was. I never did. So remember when I said we never fought. Well not even this time. In fact in given history this is likely the best break up two people could have. Only we didn't break up that night.

So I said to her, I can't lie, I don't. But I do love the company we share with each other... She never got upset, she gave me a hug and said. I figured as much. But your the beat bf I have ever had, but things going the way they are I think we weren't meant to be friends.

Later that yr I was wounded badly. Her whole family came to see me. Mostly cause they thought the amount of time we spent together that perhaps we were getting married after high school. She was upset. I need surgery on my right shoulder.

Now she can get pissed and so can I. At that point in my life I never had a temper yet. She got pissed, and told her family to shut the door on the way out. And that she was going to scould me for this. I knew it was over that day... She wasn't pissed at me, she was pissed that none of my friends came, and that my family wasn't there either. And that her best friend is in pain and she wants more.

After the operation. It was now June. School is ending, and the summer camp that me and her helped at was going to be our end. She picked me up drove me there. We walked in. I said I have matter with the military this summer and won't be around much, I'm sorry. And she said. I'm sorry mom but I feel I'm too old for this and I need to move on.

Naturally the first thing to come to ones mind is, they had a fight. And her niece asked that. And she said no, I am upset that I can't have what I want and I agreed, and I said I feel the same. And she drove me home.

She dropped me off, but before she got out of the car, and I said I'm sorry, and she jumped into my arms and for the first time we both cried...

And the reason for that is, when you do those kinda things and than walk away, mentally you snap. It takes awhile for it to occur to you that your been with this guy or this girl for needs and wants. Only to end up feeling used by each other. In the end it was a matured break up. We talked for a few hrs a month. When we graduated high school. (Went to 2 different high schools. Same grade and everything). When people asked what happened, and everyone in the group home I was staying at did. All 11 guys and the 4 councellors. I just said... There wasn't anything there to expand on. And I went to my room trying to hold the tears back more.

So moral is. Do what you want. But if your human your break. And if your not. Than you might already need some therapy.

Quite an experience buddy.