Should I belive my boyfriend when he says he only get a ***** and wanks over me
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You should care.. As long as he's not rubbing your face in that other girls are attractive or cheating. It's just a physical reaction it doesn't mean he's going to cheat or doesn't love you

He tels me he don't find anyone esle nice

He probably loves you. But let's be honest, there is like 7 billion people in the world.. He's going to see other people he finds attractive, that doesn't mean he will cheat.
In the first stages of love people often have 'blinders' on and don't notice other people even if they would normally find them attractive.
So he could be telling the truth as he sees it.
What I'm saying is I'm sure you are beautiful and funny and smart.. Don't be so wrapped up in how often he gets a hard on or why.. Just enjoy it and try and trust him. If he's a cheater from way back I get the concern but honestly... It's ok to find other people 'nice' as long as he's not doing something behind your back

I no that I keep sayin to him do u not think ppl r nice n he keep sayin no I don't

Sweetly :) he's worried he will hurt your feelings.. But he's also probably being some what honest.. If he really is into you then he definitely won't notice other people as much or won't care.. All I'm saying is if he does notice them.. That doesn't mean he doesn't love ya

I ok that wel he said that before when he looks at ppl he don't really think anything

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Why you suspect it

Basically you have asked him a question that he can't answer right. If he says yes, you know he is lying to please you. And the only reason he is lying is the same way you can't control your dreams, or who you are attracted to! He may not have all the answers but as long as you trust him, that really is what matters.

I no so your sayin he get one over someone else

I'm not sure if you are Amish or have ever seen television? Boys and young guys have out of control hormones, they are changing, and yes they get turned on by everything! Plus we are in a world where sex is pushed everywhere so much you can't avoid it! Basically young love usually ends in heart break and you sound extremely insecure which is probably going to ultimately be the cause of your break up because you are asking him questions like this. Focus on being a smart, sexy, strong woman yourself :)

no, i got told the same thing and found out the hard way that its not true, but idk... maybe he is telling the truth but tbh most guys do over a lot

Over what he tels me there just ramdom or over me

i wouldnt believe him but i dont know him personally so its kinda up to you, i hope he is telling the truth for your sake but just remember that it could be a lie so dont trust it too much

Wel when we was out shoppin he just had one and he said he just get ramdom ones and other ones over me

Why do u think they lie

my bf lied to me about it and afterwards any guy that i told said that i shouldnt have believed him in the first place cause most guys do over a lot even if they have a gf

dont take this as me telling you hes lying, like i said i dont know him so i cant judge him but just be careful when he says something like that

Just tel me why

Over what

over anything, it depends on him

Wel mostly over me n ramdom ones when were shoppin or something

do you believe him or not? if you do then whats the point in asking a question if you should or not, im just giving you my opinion but its really up to you, no one can tell you what to think and it sounds like you already know

I don't no :/

He get mad when I ask him

you're the only person that can decide, all people on here can tell you is their opinions but its your relationship, go with what seems more believable in your situation

So I should base it on my relsonshio

yeah and if you trust him or not

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No and answer a question why would he say that

What u mean

He lying question Is why would he lie in that way

Why he lieing