So That Maybe One Day I Will Be..........

Until I found EP, I never really had a release for all my emotions & stories. I just bottled everything up inside & pretended I was ok with that....

I have found over the last couple of months (especially since my birthday) that I'm really not OK with acting this way & stuffing the "real" me down, so that I don't offend anyone or cause someone to be disappointed or hurt. I would never hurt someone on purpose, it's not part of who I am. But I'm no longer going to shut up because I might "blow it". If the person I truly am isn't someone you like..........better I know now, then get hurt later.

So, I'm not pretending anymore.... I'm okay today. I could be depressed tomorrow... I'm taking it one day at a time. ;-)

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

just take one day at a time and talk to people as much as you can!

I love the way you said,what you said,when I first came on here,I was so lonely,I have lived with this guy for 1 year and he does not like to do any thing but sit!I can not belive It will soon be packing up and starting my liife some where else!Things started changing when he saw me on this site Oh mr. kissy kissy I think he thought I was looking for some one.I started feeling great! Well guess what,I don't feel so great now!He started some of his old stuff and I am done,moving out.God now's where I'll will be. I'm sorry but things happend and right now I am not a happy camper and you know how I feel right down nasty at this time! Thank you for your wonderful self and telling it like it is! Take care!

i did same thing before I found EP.<br />
<br />
I bottled all my emotions up and never hurt anyone but myself . <br />
<br />
I used to cut myself everyday. psych ward twice cause of it<br />
<br />
I came close to doing it again this weekend.