My boyftiend shouts at me coz I go on aboit is past and he says he hate talkin aboit it coz the past is the past and a lot of things was a mistake coz I asked him aboit a girl he sleep with ... Am I bein unfair or is he ?
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why are you with this guy. A beauty like you could do so much better

Happns wid me too...:(

Why what happend to u

When ever i ask him about his past..he shuts down..... bt past does create problems at times

What he done in is past do u no

I knw i have a past he is free to question me...i know what he did..i know its past...but stil if it evr bychance comes up....he leaves ..or i dnt know just stop

I am the same I don't no when stop do u go on aboit other girls

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Let it go just focus in the present and future if is in his past is for a reason he. Man in general don't like taking too much about things like that.

Why not


Because they don't think and have all the same type of emotions we woman have

Everyone dont even bother this person's asked the same damn question with different profiles and she gets the same reponses , my guess is that she's a little high school/ middle school girl with jealousy issues . Get a life little girl I hope your bf dumps you.

You are a jerk and a Bullie maybe you shouldn't have a page grow up man

Aww thank you for those kind words they mean so much to me :]

He is


Well did he ask you to stop first or did he just go strait to shouting?

I have been with him over a year and I already no but I stil go on

Then you should probably stop asking him

Why he get so mad

It probably hurts him too much to talk about it

Why wud it hurt him

He just says he wants forget aboit it coz it's a mistake

Then leave it at that

What does he mean when he says mistake

Sleeping with that girl


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ok reading back maybe both. stop asking about his past if he don'tlike it. he's obviously upset.

I have been with him over a year now n I no everything but stil go on

huh? can u explain it clearer

I have been with him a year m I kep goin on aboit ut

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