No. Im Not Okay.

I click on the window of my MSN conversation "Are you okay?" I will never understand why people ask this question, of course I'm not OKAY I haven't been okay since dad left, I haven't been OKAY since my brother went missing, haven't been okay since my sister moved out and I haven't been okay since my mom's boyfriend moved in, and everytime I've been left to pick up the pieces of  tragedy, how do think that makes me feel? Do you think the smile i keep plastered to my face is real? It's not. I got out of school for the summer today just to remember that my boyfriend the one thing I truly adore from my life is moving across the country in two days when all i want is to have a normal summer at the beach tanning and laughing with my friends. That's not possible. Ignoring everything i type "yeah I'm fine just tired how are you?"

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3 Responses Jun 17, 2009

Thanks so much guys normally I can keep up but sometimes it just gets to be to big of a burden thanks for your support *hugs*

honey, what you are having to deal with is so difficult. life is very much like that, a difficult place to be. the only thing that you can really do maybe is know that nothing bad lasts forever and just keep telling yourself, things will change because it's true, they will. and you are not alone, most people say they are fine or OK too but they aren't, so keep that in mind when they tell you they are fine.

:( I can relate.... but everyones i guess i cant *hug*