Love Is Not A God

One man used to came for me and and expressed his feeling to me,cited tht he have some kind of emotional problems. He is back to old memoirs when met up with his old lover. he feels tht love is still in the air between them.

" We are loving each other. unfortunately for us, we are not destined to be together and split up continue to follow own's path".

After ten years, he never expect tht he still hve a heart for tht women. Miracle about love, it doesnt know the age boundary. Whilst he now hve two childrens and his ex lover got one children. Each one have a family.

 But the problem arise when he admit tht his ex lover also still loving him.

"Love is not God". Thts what i said to him. Im stressed tht not all desired of love we must heed. When love is transgress the rationalism ,humanity values,and most importantly the teaching of religion, it must be stopped at any means. I reminds him to consider back how this situation will affect his family if he is still follow the love desire. Go to prey the love tht is unsure thus leave the family in  disaster. ...IS it worth?

These forbiden love will incurred  the wrath of God. Loving others husband and wife is totally an act of enormity. it is the great treachery to the family. Yes love is blind but the the person whose in love should not let the love to overtaken their heart and make it blind to a degree where it is impossible for them to control the power of love. For the sake of love they are willing to risk their family and hope into jeopardy. Such a disgrace act.

-People Glorified Love Too Great.

Yeah,thts the reality today. People elevate love and praised it too high . Dont believe it? Just read in a newspaper or magazine  tht depicted the problems surround the society  today. Wife is falling in love with another husband. Husband falling in love with his frends 'wife and doesnt care about his fringe wife anymore. When question why did they do this, mst of them will answer " there is nothing we can do, we are falling in love !"

To digress a little, thts wht happen when watching the love film of any kind of version. This is impact when love song were played in the radio. Without realised ,this phenomenon is success in conquering our  'unconscious' mind of some group of people,not only  just a teenagers...and they look love as a God in life.

Just see how was the hero and heroin in the film willing to take any action and stay on the right course to unified their love. Sacrifice for the sake of love is praised ,though it is undermined the culture and religion values. Many times the parents are ignored, it is said because they do obstruct their love. wHATever the plot and climax of the story is, love will in in a win side.It seems tht life is plan just for love.!

Let us give a moment for our mind and soul to think deeply. Try to questioning ourselves who bestow the feeling of love inside the heart of every ssingle human. The Anwers is God. God created humans,heart ,emotions and intellectual. Love is nature for meant for everyone.  To understand the meaning of love we need to go back to basic concept of question: what is human created for? It is because all the gift given to human  were meant  to help human to find the path to ffill out the life objective.

Love is not a plan,love is a path.Love is not a objective,love is just a tool. The feel of need to love someone and aat the same time need a love from someone inside every human heart is actually to help people explore and carry out the life objective. Love tied the heart of men and women into one to shape the marriage to completing each other. It is also o complete half of religion ( depending on wht belief u hold) 

In essence, if we perceived love as a god it is same like we make desired as aour own God. When the sanction  of love is left behind,then the evil objective and illusion will occur. The sexual desire is hide behind the curtain of love.Love with sex as a main culprit is kind of love tht inspired by God to animal!

Ironically some would say "man gives love to get a sex. women gives sex to get loves". The exploitation and manipulation of this kind of love will not give a true happiness to both side. Serving the lust will make things worst..its like drink an ocean will only make u more thirsty . The women who gives sex in order to get a love in return will not get a true love. Love is about sharing and caring each other.It is simple as tht


At least tht wht i thought at the moment.

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I cant deny the power of love. It is required as a protection to the love that we hve crafted for. A lot of ppl have sacrifice their life,money and time to prove their true love. Wht im saying is loves should not make people fighting,loathing and discriminating with each other. Love is supposed to bring human to happiness in life. Love is magic for everyone to work for. As for the spouse we have to be honest to our partners, figure out how solve the problems and do wht is best for each other. Love can be an illusion,it also can become reality ,depending on how we perceived it.

You can say such a thing, but I would rather worship someone who works through the power of love. You speak of experiences through teenagers and problem marriages, but I've seen it beautifully through adults. And these were not your ordinary family, instead it was from a struggling mother glossing over the death of her husband. She loved him, despite all of his problems as I watched the most precious thing ever appeared, covered with an urn of ashes and portraits of Jesus.<br />
<br />
Love to many is a perversion, in words of sexuality and destruction. Even through such a thing, we learn to battle doubt through strength. Romance is a ritual between two, and the power of the bond which is love is stronger.<br />
<br />
Many people are stricken when I would say I believe in love, such as my therapist. Alas, many jump to conclusions thinking it means sexual desire. No, it means everything which empowers us. Why would I want success or to be taken away from the only pain which lives and seethes within us all, when only the special bond comes from it. Again, there are many fashions of it. Friendship, teacher-student, a family, or even church. I spit on such a thing.

tigerzbck-<br />
Mybe im just focus on the bad side of love until im forgot to mention too the good side of it. Im sorry its not ur false if u hve misinterpret the whole ideas ;) <br />
Just for additional information..When two ppl are tied in a marriage contract they suppose to take seriously the matter of institution, absorbing the idea behind it and try to work it out. Many ppl took the institution as something to be granted, not really understand the meaning of marriage and not done enough to save the marriage from ruin. there is no way to talk to other ppl about how to manage their marriage life and at the same time patronizing their own ideas and u said that we have to weight many factors tht contribute to the situation etc life upbringing,culture and religious background. yeah i come from a different culture and religion from u i admit but im really open minded when it comes to understand other culture and religion . To be ignorant is not a choice for me. i always invite the opinion and words from u and others EP member..i believe tht some other way perhaps i just giving the ideas tht are just on my best interest without having know the others side story and facts. and thanks for your thoughts.

Hello, Haveafaith; i will agree with your statement that "Love is not a God"; for it is not. It is an emothion given us from God, to let us feel for each other what he feels for us.<br />
However, I must disagree with a lot of what you say. when a marriage lacks love, it lacks the basic ingredient that makes a marriage - otherwise it is nothing more than a legal agreement to live under the same roof and provide financial support. As one who has had four failed marriages that failed because love was not a part of the marriage, I speak with some experience in the matter. Each person, both husband and wife, must have the same feelings of love towards the other, or sooner or later, a marriage will fail. Not all failed marriages result in divorces, though, and some couples live ad infinitem in a doomed relationship, scared to break up the relationship.<br />
Love - true, fully emotional love, love at the level of one soul to another - that is what is to be sought after, fought for, and cherished once found. It is not a God, but the key to happiness of both one's self and for the other one in the relationship. True love overcomes racial, ethnic, and religious boundaries, for it is not restricted by any such social customs and teachings. True is to be pursued at all costs, and once found and reciprocated, fought for and protected from all outside influences...there are other emotions that mask as love, including lust, and covetness of another's spouse or promised one, and those are to be avoided, as they are not an will never be true love. <br />
<br />
I sense from your writing and comments that we are of different cultural and religious backgrounds, and thus you have grown up in a different manner than I; you have been taught different values and customs than I have; I hope that what I have said will not offend you, but will give you another's perspective on the subject. The world, human emotion, religion, and even simple human civilized life are not things that are simply black or white, wrong or right - they are all shades of gray in an unending spectrum. <br />
i believe God had given us each the capability and intelligence to see what is good and right in the world for ourselves - if not, then why would he allow such endless variation between individuals? Appreciate your differences, celebrate your similarities, and use your god given feelings and intelligence to determine for yourself what is right, and what is not.<br />
Thank you for allowing me to read what you have to say, and for letting me share my own thoughts with you and the EP community. <br />
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