My Mask

everyday i walk around with what i like to call a magical  space siut and a mask... you may think i look happy and bubbly.. but really inside i am not at all! every night when i get home alone.. i cry... and im depressed... writing helps this.. and sometimes even my space siut and mask fail me!!! but there getting stronger.. and im starting to not need my space siut or mask anymore.! its relieveing!!

innocentlittleone innocentlittleone
18-21, F
5 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Love the space suit, I just use my headphones and put on a mean face.

Shouldnt be so upset about so much stuff. You should be able to control what happens to you or what it does. <br />
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Im open to talk to, if you ever need it. Or want to.

Great attitude, littleone! Just realising that there are so many things you can't control is an important step towards recovery from depression. I really enjoyed the space suit image in your story. It's great that writing helps, and I am so pleased that your story ended on a positive note.<br />
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You can feel safe to open up on EP. There are lots of supportive people here.<br />
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Good luck!

well there is a million and a half things for me to be unset about... but i cant controle what happens, and i cant let it controle me and my daily life. I dont really open up to alot of ppl other than the ones i already know now.

Its good that, you are starting to find a way to ease the pain. <br />
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Why exactly are you so upset?<br />
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Im not always the happiest person; if some one asks whats wrong, I just say that I am tired, and hope they move on. I don't like talking about things, or have a hard time opening up.