I Pretend I'm Okay, that's My Way Of Life

I almost always say  "i'm ok" because there's always someone around me who needs my help or support! When my friends or family ask me I always say "i'm ok!" I can't help but doing it. When i'm alone I cry, i can't stand telling semeone i'm not ok even to my boyfriend when i have one! The funny thing is that I wanna be psychologist.. But sometimes i think that tellin "I'm ok" really help me to feel better! Idon't know... what do you think about it

polichinelle polichinelle
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Im the same. The funny thing is that I also want to become psychologist. It makes sense that the people who are most exposed about life find interest in psychology, which Im guessing you are. I also hide the truth from people about how I truelly feel. The bad thing about that is that nobody wont know the true you. The best thing to do is find someone to talk to, its the only way to let out your emotions and deal with them in a better way instead of holding them inside and trying to resokve them yourself.

I can't speak for you, but sometimes my reason is so that my family and loved ones don't worry. They have their own lives and problems, they don't need to add me to their list.