ALL the Time. Lol

i have a habit of acting like things are fine for me when they arent. when i know i  cant trust people, ill be all happy go lucky, but secretly think inside my head that no im total crap right now, and i want nothing more than to sit and cry...but where i work in a place where im in constant contact with people, and my mood effects their mood, i have to hide how i feel..its annoying.


lately, ive put aside what i hear of people, even if i think they are total **** for what they do, i push it aside and try to be a friend, but i just cant do it anymore. im so fed up with people. If they arent good people, why should i bother? if im not as bad of a person as they are, why should i bother with them? and why are so many people ****** these days? just questions ive been asking myself lately. sorry if they came off rude to anyone. just how im feeling.

Br0kenAngel Br0kenAngel
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 25, 2007

Its good to be honest and let your feelings off your chest. Sometimes holding feelings in can be bad for your health. But I can understand why you'd have to at work, thats very responsible of you to know when its appropriate and when its not :)