I'm Addicted To Not Being Me....

I actually can't believe other people have done what I do on a regular basis.... In a strange way it provides me with comfort in the fact i'm not a weird as I first thought.

Ok so I pretend to be someone else on line. Im a 26 year old female and I use a girls photographs, which I stole from her facebook page.... she is so beautiful and I once heard my boyfriend secretly tell his friend he fancied her..... maybe thats why I do this bizarre thing!! Its not that I think i'm ugly, so I just cant explain it. Anyway, I use my own personality, but I have this whole different carrer, I'm a more extravogant version of myself, I've even added a few fictional friends and family members into this lil scene. I love it, I act this out every night.

My major problem is that I met a guy..... an amazing guy, I have spoke to him for 4 months now and I am deeply in love with him, he also feels the same. We speak every day on the phone, and have lots of phone sex. We exchange pics, so I have to go on mobile facebook to steal another one of her pics to satify this lil act. He really really wants to meet me, and I keep comming up with lame excuse as to avoid the situation.... I'm currently getting over a fictional broken leg, which is why I cant visit him. I'm so frightened, I actually want to leave my boyfriend for this guy. What the hell am I going to do? I think about him all the time and want to be with him. Please help me out here.........
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Okay. I'm by no means saying it will work but... I did the same thing. Pretended to be some super hot chick and I'd talk to guys I met online. Then one day, I too fell in love with a guy I met on Xbox. We talked for maybe 6 or 7 months before I finally just told him the truth. I told him I loved him and that I had been lying to him, the pictures he had seen were not actually me, I told him everything else was real the feelings and everything were still there just the girl he had seen wasn't the same one. He was livid at first and I was crying and upset. Neither of us really sure where to go from there. I offered to go on Skype for him as let him see the real me. We Skype chatted and as I said the feelings were all still there just now it was the real people as well. He flew down ti see me in the other sse if the country about 6 months later. We did a long term relationshiP for about 2 years then he finally moved in with me and we have been married almost a year. so, I guess if he really, really loves you, the feelings should be there no matter what. We know there's no way of you ever meeting if you don't tell him the truth. I hope it works out for you sweetie! True love always finds a way!

i do not understand it either. i have been doing the same thing for about 6 months now. there is always some kind of excuse for why i cannot see her. things got real emotional today and i did what i had to do for her sake. well, for mine as well. i used a random password generator and changed all of my security questions and passwords. i miss her. my life feels empty now and i cannot stop crying. i do not understand it. i am married and i have a child on the way. i think i just need to be wanted by someone. i don't think i like being me very much.

You already have a bf don't get greedy

@ASVT, I haven't seen a single person "brag" about seducing men and I certainly wouldn't call these women "predators". We are mentally unhealthy individuals who sometimes don't realize the consequence of our actions. I myself have never dabbled in deceitful online relationships, but I have pretended to be someone else when I am alone and I can tell you it is NO picnic. This disease or whatever you want to call it is excruciating and I understand that the people who are at the other end of it find it that way as well. It is a situation where no one wins. No one is the predator, but both parties are the victim.

...and those who you say were in love with you, knowing they have hatred for you that didn't exist when you first met?<br />
<br />
I've read many stories here of several people bragging how they were able to seduce men into falling in love. In reality, all you have done is convince men to hate you.<br />
<br />
Professional help would be beneficial.

Do any of you "online imposters" ever consider your marks might stumble upon your EP confessions and recognize you, your vocabulary, writing style, etc. Or do you consider yourselves such masterful role-pla<x>yers that being recognized isn't a concern?<br />
<br />
Considering I am a victim (yes the guys you all mind fcuk with your deceitful games are victims), I found EP suspecting that the person that "emotionally raped" me would need to share her accomplishment. After all, role playing & storytelling are mutual addictions of online imposters. Much to my surprise I never fathomed how many of these predators exist. How many more haven't found there way here?<br />
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So, I'm curious to how you all feel about men who were emotionally attached to you

I agree with the above poster. It is not genuine at all. He doesn't really know what you look like. If you don't feel comfortable sharing the truth, ween yourself off of him. It wont be easy but start by not talking to him for hours at a time, then days at a time, then weeks. Also at the same time, join a gym or do activities that last for hours so you are busy.

He's not in love with you, he thinks he's in love with the you that you've made up. For all you know, he could have done the same thing. I'd say confess, and come clean with him about all of it. Then maybe if he's been untruthful with you he might feel the need to come clean. At that point, maybe the two of you can start over and get to know each other for real. In my opinion, it is also wrong to pass off someone else's pictures as your own. I feel like it is stealing something very important from that other person-- her very image-- and that is stealing. This story makes me think of the country western song, "I'm So Much Cooler On Line." Good luck with coming clean!