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I Pretend To Be A Guy, one that went really far in faking

Hi guys, I'm a 19 year old female who's pretending to be a guy online.
It started out when i was about 13, i was playing this game where you can make your own character and play games and chat with other people. I decided to sign up as a guy just for fun at first..but then everything escalated. People really seemed to like me so I created a fake email adress where i could add people to MSN  to chat with. I pretended to be this really cool handsome, almost perfect guy. At this young age all the girls I talked to seem to have a crush on me and i really liked and enjoyed all the attention. I picked one guy whos pictures i was gonna use, but ofcourse i needed more and more and new pictures everytime..then all the sudden all his profiles were set to private. That's when i started hacking them (yes i went really far i couldnt stop) and so i did..i had unlimited access to all his pictures anytime, anywhere so that wasnt a problem anymore.
However after a while i began to notice i was doing nothing else more then thinking about this people and about my character like it was my real life, at that point i knew i was addicted.

I had several online relationships where I also kinda fell in love with the girls i had relationships with, however in Real life im not gay.
They just made me happy and some of them were really amazing. There  was this one girl in particular where i have been with for a very long time..she's really beautiful and i was always wondering why such a gorgeous girl would have an online relationship with a guy she has never even seen before for such a long time (almost 4 years), while she could have any guy in real life. She was very dedicate to our relationship but at one point she became suspicious, she wanted to talk to me on the phone. Ofcourse ive never done that before eventhough several girls had already asked me before but i kept making up excuses not to because i didnt wanna get caught..however when she became upset and the relationship was about to end, I called her up lowered my voice and everything was fine again. From then on we had 4 hour phone calls everyday and we even fell asleep together on the phone, we watched movies together over the phone and what not. Then i realized i was addicted as never before and i couldnt stop it anymore..i felt really out of control and it was bothering me like hell. I just wished all of this was real so my online friends could be REALLY part of my life, but the thought of stopping terified me and even if i tried i wouldnt even know how to do it. I tried to stop several times but everytime again i couldnt leave it was all too tempting.

Ofcourse years have past now and everybody is getting older and less naive. People began to wonder why i never wanted to see them..and got sick of the excuses i made up. Some of them didnt wanna be friends anymore..which made me really sad. Everytime someone i had a relationship or friendship with left i got really upset. Especially when the girl i had the long relationship with dissapeared all the sudden i even became really depressed, because i was so used filling in my life talking to her.
Today, as i'm writing this i'm still doing it..and it drives me crazy and i wanna stop. It stresses me out and i dont know where to turn to because i dont wanna be seen like a freak. I dont get why im doing this, I dont wanna be cocky but i have to tell this because its part of my problem, in real life im a really pretty girl and i always have everybody's attention when im somewhere. I have lots of guys who wanna be with me..lots of ppl who wanna be friends with me. Only i dont show any interest because im so busy being this made up bad i forget all about my real life. The fact that i'm neglecting myself so bad hurts me..i could have a wonderful life. Only i cant stop...i just dont know how.
Sometimes i even wish i was locked up somewhere so i cant get to my computer or phone anymore.

I'm sorry if i didnt write this story properly and changed back an forth from subjects in the wrong order.
I just started writing and didn't really know in which order and how to express what i've been through, so sorry if it was hard to read.

soconfusedandlost soconfusedandlost 18-21, F 67 Responses Jul 21, 2010

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i had a similar experience. although it did help me to realise that my sexual preference is actually girls. i have a girlfriend now, but when i was faking i had a 'girlfriend' that in a weird way i did really feel like ii loved. i now have to lie and say ive never had strong feelings for a girl. i wish i could take it all back because it is going to follow me in life now, and the people that i faked will possibly look back on me (they never found that i lied to them) and see me as someone that maybe influenced them in there lives yet they'll never know the truth. i feel like i want to tell them but i feel like it might do more harm than good now that i have stopped faking.

I think now is the best time to stop. You lost toes with your original friends so you won't have a better opportunity to quit and start with real life. Take your phone and computer and hide them away. Don't touch them for 28 (it takes 28 days to break the cycle). And get on with your life. If you don't, and mind I only tricked one person, you will be stuck for life. So take this opportunity with both hands and run with it. And go out and have some fun :)

Have any of you people that faked there identity have kids?

I went through this like 3 to 2 years ago. Im 15 now, and looking back, it was pretty stupid. I posed as a guy online, because i always thought chasing was better than being chased. I envied guys because theyre expected to make the first move. That was basically what my characters was. He was really funny, super outgoing, prankster and Italian. I would "date" one girl for like 2 weeks and move on. I think it was just me trying to experience a guy's life. Just to get a little taste, and i fell in love with it. Being the one who protects, made me feel some type of way. Anyways, yeah everything was good. Everyone liked this so called perfect guy. All the girls wanted him and all the dudes wanted to befriend him and be bros. There was also this girl who i was with for 2 years. That was very unlike my character who goes through girls. She was different though. Yes, i caught some fake pictures and recorded fake voice messages, and made excuses about the phone. Then there came the guilt that EVERYONE is talking about. It felt impossible to stop at the time. I, "he" had so many friends on there, and years of memory that it felt impossible to just leave. But i did. I came up with some semi legit reason for my character to leave , thatforced him to leave the girl behind and just disappeared. I kept coming back but it slowed down over time. Guys you might be thinking you can keep this up. Youre just slowing down the process and slowly, painfully dying. Its better just to get the pain over with, and rip it up quick. I have an idea for those who still need help. We can all choose a virtual world or whatever to play in, actually play as girls, add each other and keep encouraging each other. Then we can actually make friends online using the REAL us.

I could do with some help in this area if you have the time :)

Im a girl and I've faked an account pretending to be a guy but I can't stop. Can anyone help me stop?

Wow, never thaugt that so many people are faking their gender! However, I'm one of them, too. I'm actually a guy and I created an fake account of a girl. As a guy it's really hard to chat in those dating sites, the girls are getting 100 messages a day, and most of them are not really chatable. So after I signed up as an girl with a decent profile picture, I changed my orientation to Bi/Homo. Cause I really don't want to chat with guys. I wrote to about 20 girls. 18 replied back, and with about 15 I had a good chat. And 1-2 of them was fake. What I noticed is, that if you chat with an girl, as an girl, the conversation is much better then chatting as a guy. They are really nice and friendly. And you can get their numbers and her nude pictures withing a god damn day. You just have to be a little be nice and patient. Of course I'm not using those numbers or fb's. I just like to chat with them. Nevermind, this is sometimes really fun, but since I started doing this for a couple of days, I'm feeling how addicted this is. I'm constantly checking my PM box, searching for another user to chat with. One of them already gave me almost all of her personal details, and she really likes my fake me. I met some really nice girls/women, and I would love to, to chat with them, but they knowing that I'm a guy, but it's like impossible, so I'll quit with this, because this is just making you dreaming, and a little bit horny.

Don't worry i've done that as well...On a kids game on my young brother's account so you don't need to be ashamed:((:

It's ok I'm a guy but pretend to be a girl online and would love to chat with u because I know how u feel

Yeah I know how you feel I have done the exact same thing not to the extent of the phone calls but I have been a made up person and I am 15 now and a girl fell in love with me (im a girl not gay) and so I couldn't tell her what had happened so I just deleted the account which is what you should do just delete all of your fake accounts and just leave them don't go on the sites anymore and just try to forget about them it is hard but u will he over it soon enough

Oh **** i thought i was the only one

I have done the exact same thing as you. I thought I was the only one....

I use Cosplay. I can hang out with people and be someone different, the way I would like to be, and most girls are dressed as guys including me so it's not weird at all. It's really fun too you should try this. It's healthier and I totally understand how you feel because I usually use male avatars and have had a few people hit on me too. But I discovered this and everyone is accepting of you because everyone has a common interest

Completely overwhelmed to hear about a bunch of other girls also going through the same thing that I went through a few years back. I loved virtual online games where I get to take on a different character, a different persona in which I can express myself in ways I was too insecure to do in real life. I had always been that shy girl who struggled with self-esteem and I found comfort in taking on a male avatar, where I can play the role of a dream guy that I thought I'd had no chance of ever meeting or being with. It was like some kind of outlet that I could use to not worry about my self image and be able to imagine the perfect guy, the perfect world. <br />
<br />
So I completely understand where the girls taking on a guys character online come from. I also completely understand the addiction and the want to preserve and build on this virtual dream life without having to deal with real life insecurities. I also know that some just want to try something new, or have some fun and get rid of boredom.<br />
<br />
That saying, I don't believe in creating false relationships online especially when someone else's feelings and emotions are at stake. That is something I have never done, and will never condone anyone to do. So I'm sorry to here that some girls here are struggling with this situation, but as they always say, "Quit while you're ahead." I promise you that you're not doing yourself or the other person any good by getting to involved. It may feel like the right thing to do at the moment, but trust me, when everything comes crashing down, it will become one of the biggest regret of your life. <br />
<br />
So stay safe, don't get too involved and don't hesitate to get professional help, such as anonymous help hot lines, if it's becoming too much of a struggle for you. Remember, just don't dig yourself into a hole that you can't dig out of. It is hard to admit to an addiction, but just know that you're doing this for your best interest and other people who are also involved in this situation.

I faked a boy online, (I'm a girl) first for fun and then when I started getting more attention I carried on. I met this girl and we chatted online for ages and ages. eventually we had an argument and stopped talking. I soon found out that she was also a faking a boy and had been in a relationship with someone and yeah. people started to think I was fake and I quit. I then created a few more boy profiles but just for bored and deleted them. I didn't have any friends with these boy profiles. I then created my last fake boy profile where I tried to help other people. I used a guy because more people played attention to 'him'. But people found out I was using fake photos and I just deleted everything. and haven't done it since. I also found out that the person whose photos I was using was a faker. So yeah. The actual guy was used to a lot of fakers. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I feel like I could be how I wanted to be. I could reinvent myself. I didn't have to be a shy loser like I was in real life. I know it was wrong but I tried to help people with these fake profiles. I have now stopped doing it and vowed never ever to do it again. Whenever I'm online I am me. I still have depression and anxiety, and am trying to get help for it. But now I just create stories in my head (like daydreams) where I can be whoever I want to be and can be cool and popular. It's so much safer and yeah. I'm thinking about writing a story with these characters I've created. I know faking people online is wrong and I've stopped. I still feel guilt about it, but I've learnt from my mistakes. Anyone suffering from quitting should create the people in their head, I know it's hard and addictive but its possible. I think I did it because I was shy and reserved irl and wasn't out going and popular and cool. I don't know why I was a guy, and I still don't know why my character is a guy. Maybe I just find them easier to think about :L I still have really bad self esteem but I have to learn to love myself. Because I am me. Not anyone else. Ps. I'm now 17 and started when I was 15?

When i first read it i was confused and I thought it was me who wrote this becuz we are in similiar situation very similar, I came to the point that i i fell into this girl (online friend) She is very pretty an smart and nice I didnt make an relation with her but we both know that I like her and she like me back it was a big problem too for me its been 4 years until now.. She dont get a bf bcuz of me i think shes waiting for me and i hate that I dont wanna lie anymore but im still addicted to it.

I do this too and I really hate that I do, but I can't stop. I've tried. I get too attached to the people I lie too :/ Like even now, I have a girlfriend and we've been going out for a month..and she thinks I'm a guy. She always talks about how much she trusts me and I'm just like "Yeahh.." ......Honestly, I don't lie to her about anything but my gender and whatnot. I really do love her. She's the most amazing person. I just wish that she knew that the person she's dating and loves is a girl..not a guy. I really feel like a horrible person, though, for doing this. I feel like I'm taking advantage of the situation and deceiving these people(which I am) The sad thing is, I've been doing this kind of stuff since I was 11(I'm 15 now). I don't know, I never felt comfortable with myself so I always felt like I had to be someone else. And with these chatting websites..that makes it so easy. At one point, I was pretending to be over 5 different guys and I never got caught on my lies. Each guy lived in a different state and had a different story..and it was so easy for me to go along with it. But now I realize that what I'm doing can really hurt people and I really want to stop. I just don't want to end things with my girlfriend....I feel so selfish :/
My last girlfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago because I just couldn't take it. She would say how she was in love with me and I felt terrible. One time we skyped and it was such a pain because I had to cover up the camera and say it was broken..Her parents were suspicious of me. Everyone in her family was (unfortunately she told everyone about how we were dating) This one time we were on skype and her mom came into the room and was like "Hey, why don't you show your face" and she kept asking me to show my face..I was so scared. Another time, her sister's boyfriend came in the room and was looking at my fake instagram (I used a guys photos from my school) and was like "He's such a fake" ....I felt so bad because I knew I was, but she was over there defending me and getting in trouble because of it...We dated for 7 months and it was pretty easy with her (aside from the skype incidents) because she was 14 and very gullible and because I was pretending to be whenever we'd talk on the phone it was very easy for me to deepen my voice and pass as a teenage boy......Oh and my parents know that I do this (not the whole story) because I did it to this girl that i went to school with for 8 months and rumors spread that it was another guy in my school texting her. And I made the mistake of telling one of my "friends" that it was me and she told everyone. SO now there's rumors going around that its me -.- and I was so scared so I just told my parents about that ONE girl. They just think I did it because I had a giant crush on her ( which I did ) and because I'm gay (which I am ) But they don't understand that it didnt start off that way. It's not like I go around like "Hey, who's gonna be the next girl I target" Like no...I don't think most people would understand. These people really do become my friends and I really do care about them..That's the only reason why it's so hard to stop.

it's weird the same thing happened to me for about one and a half year now , it started as a joke and i don't know how it even got that far , first it was with this girl a friend of mine and we talked i just wanted to confess to her and tell her it was a joke but i found out that this girl recently broke up with her fiance and she was already broken so i got scared and didn't tell her it went for about 3/4 monthes eventually i disappeared after i helped her get over her fiance am not sayin it 's right or anything i was in a bad situation after a really heartbreaking relationship with this guy who cheated on me and lied alot so i was over with guys at this point i'm not lesbian i guess i dont think about having sex with girls but beeing with them it 's just easier . so after that relation ended i found myself in another 1 but this girl was just amazing i felt so attracted to her i couldn't stop still couldnt btw tried alot to stop i don't know why i did that .. i don't want to hurt her i dont want to hurt ME i know i'm not a bad person I'M NOT ..i just left her hopefully forever Now . u guys helped alot .. glad to know i'm not the only one .. i want to tell HER i'm sorry i'm really sorry ..

Im in a similar position. I joined this social networking app on my phone and i started by creating a boys account. My bff has fell 4 my character and now idk wt 2 do

Hey... Well, i'm another Girl who's being a boy in internet... But i'm acting this way because I myself feel more male.
Nevertheless it's wrong to tell lies about your gender... You should tell the people after some months who you really are and before you've done this you shouldn't have an relationship... Else, if you are addicted like I was... Just delete that account and give your computer to your friend for a month... It's hard but possible... Good luck... ;)

welcome to my world. :I
except...reversed on the genders. I have thrived too much on attention and interest on it. I just Really don't like me. Long story short, it really got out of hand, and I have closed off a lot on that but still suffer from it because, back in really really sucks.

Hi guys, I've just read all the story's on here and thought I would give my view. I'm a victim of sexual assault who attended court earlier this year to convinct a girl who deceived me for 2 years as being the "boy" I loved. She deceived me online and betrayed my trust and I loved "him" with all my heart, so much so that I had sex with "him" after a year of being in an online relationship. It's the only time I've ever been intimate so I didn't know any different and I was young at the time. I want you all to know what you're doing effects innocent and vulnerable people and it needs to stop. What she done has effected my life to the extent where I can't trust anyone anymore, my family is broken and it effects so much. I'm begging you to please quit while you're ahead because it hurts so much. The girl who assaulted me is now in prison, but if effects me everyday I can't sleep at night. Please stop while you can it's not fair.

This is my life. I thought I was the only one. I was 15. I'm 22 now and still am tortured by it.

I'm in this situation actually. I pretend to be a guy (i'm a girl), i met this girl online before. We've been together for almost a two years now. We're always texting until now. On our first month dating, she said the guy she used to like before confess to her, i said to her just go with this guy because deep down i know it's better that way. But instead, she chose me. I don't know what to do, i mean, i'm deeply in love with her. I wanna tell her the real me, but i don't want to stop the relationship with her. We're broke up once but we couldn't move on from each other. And we're back together again until now. Nowadays, things between me and her are not good. Some of it because of trust. Either me or her want to break up but it never be done. I mean, it's because i'm in love with her. At the same time i feel guilty. I used my cousin's pictures, and whenever she wants to call me, i asked my cousin to help me. And yeah, it's working. She seems happy but i'm not. I know i lie most of the things to her, but i'm not lying about my feelings to her. It's real. I really need help. Someone please see this, and reply me. I need serious help. I want to end this things but i'm too weak to do it. So please, anyone..i need help!

I have been in your situation before, but I stopped a couple years ago. And you're right, it DOES become like an addiction because you become trapped in the role of being someone who you believe is better than you are and wish you could be. I pretended to be guys and girls, but guys seemed to be easier for me to, i don't know, "become" because as a girl I knew exactly what I would want in a guy. It's true, I did gain feelings for girls I talked to, even though I'm 100% straight and in a loving relationship with a good guy now. I think this is because we become attached to those people and we love that they care about us and they give us attention. In a sense they become your best friends and you become addicted to the love they give you. So, I understand what you're going through, but it's really not okay. Whoever is reading this and is still faking someone, YOU HAVE TO STOP. Let me tell you, you're hurting REAL people and also yourself. You will live with guilt and anxiety for the rest of your life. Confront your addiction now and talk to someone because it really helps. I know that people who fake people sometimes have severe depression or extreme loneliness, so they create people and alternate lives to feel safe, but it's not worth it and it's not real. In the long run, everything will come to an end for that unreal you when the people you meet move on from the fake you as well. It's hard believe me, when you try to stop because like I said before, it does become an addiction. But, like any other addiction it can be helped by talking to someone, finding new hobbies, or simply being more social with family and friends. Any way to pass the time you would be using to pretend to be someone else. Everyone is a unique individual and this addiction or whatever you want to call it should be something that everyone learns from and not something that keeps you stuck in the guilt and shame. Remember that you still have your whole life ahead of you and that you are not alone. You can make your REAL life even BETTER than the fake one.

Take care & I sincerely hope the best for everyone who reads this.

Hey guys,
I had the same experiencep as you as well.
I pretended to be guy (I'm a girl in real life) on an online game website. But when thing got deeper, i quieted it.
One of the girls that i use to be friends with, confessed to me. That's when i realised that what I'm doing is wrong.
I rejected her pretending that i already have a girlfriend.
I stopped doing this as soon as possible because i was too sacred that things might get worse.
Srsly guys, stop what you're doing right now.
Karma is a *****. Someone might do the same thing to you, and this time, you're the one who'll get hurt badly.

I've been in a situation like this, only I've been on the receiving end. To any of you who are pretending to be someone you're not on the internet, you need to STOP. Although it may be fun to you or fulfill you in some way, you're toying with another person's life. You're consuming days, months, years of their existence. I spent two and a half years speaking to and being in love with somebody who was lying to me about who they were. After I found out the truth I nearly ended my life. People's emotions are not a game. And for those of you who are victims of these fake people, remember not to blame yourself. This isn't your fault. You'll get through this.

I've just read this and been in the exact same situation. If you ever need help or to talk I'd be happy to share my story

What If she also have loved you more than you did..lets say she lied about her apperance and look but all the feeling that she made you feel were true even though it was hurting her on the inside so much its because even though she knew that the person you were trully madly and deeply inlove with wasn't her? She continued it because you were happy and the reason why she ddn't tell you is she is also concerned about how you will feel, like let's say.. I bet you said the word like " I don't know what I ever do if you break up with me" or "I can't live without you" or i dunno, such deep words that made her feel so afraid to tell you the truth? Have you ever tought about what she felt for you? What if she confesses to you that she was a girl? Are you gonna be matture enough to handle, take the risk, give the chance ?? Because if you said you. Have "fallen inlove with that person, not only you have seen its appearance or you know, how they look like or what not but you have felt that that person was completely madly and deeply in love with you as well that the appearance ddn't matter to you anymore that the only thing you wanted was that person, who is making you smile, carring for you and was always there when you needed. Even though they have done all of ths things to you, will you give her a chnce to show you the real
Her? Will you accept it? If so then I beleive that you have really fallen in love with that persob that you accept them of who and what they really are...

ughh its soo sick just stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's sick. It doesn't start out that way, though, and mostly, it's our own guilt and desire NOT to hurt them which ultimately destroys both the victim and ourselves in the end. Mine started out in a confusion; I didn't specify my gender, but everyone seemed to believe I was male, which I am not. This one girl whom I was very close friends with asked me out. I was confused but I did nothing, wanting our bond to further strengthen and not wanting to ruin her hopes and make things awkward. First mistake. Things went on, we developed, she became less naive. Another REAL male who also liked this poor girl started asking me "are you a girl? You sure you're not lying to me?" It crushed me inside but a
I still denied it. Second mistake. Another two years and I started acting like a technophobe in order to escape having to show myself. Third mistake. People started questioning it, and soon, my irl friend came on and started messing things up, but ultimately, it was all my fault. One of the online friends knew the truth. Got me to confess. He held things together in front of me, but behind me back he was telling people, who later confronted me and caused me great panic. Confessing to him. Fourth mistake. Last mistake was confronting him later. He was regarded more trustworthy and wise than I, and when I confronted him... he waited so long before he did anything at all. Then he told them all right in front of my face and shattered that girl's heart. I shouldn't have done this, but, I was one of the unlucky ones to fall into this situation, and be manipulated into a horrible person simply because I was too afraid to refuse them. Simply because I made too many mistakes. I didn't ever set out to hurt anyone.

I'm in a little bit different situation. I just caught my 12yr old daughter pretending to be a 14yr old gay boy. She even has created a relationship with another boy. I'm lost, I don't know what to do. Is this a cry for help? She's a good person. Good grades, friends at school, etc. I'm afraid if I don't intervene, the situation will get worse. And this poor boy on the other end, his heart will be so hurt. Any advice?

I started when I was 12 years old.... I'm now 28 and still struggle with it. I'd talk to her and try and help her as much as you can... for me and I'm sure for a lot of people it stems around insecurities and being afraid to be yourself. She may just be more comfortable with the identitiy she created, I wouldn't be worried but I'd definitely talk to her about it because from my personal experience it's ruined a huge part of my life.

End it! Your daughter is so young, sit her down and have a meaningful and deep conversation with her about why she's doing this and what you can do to help her. As time goes by this does become an addiction and like any other addiction it gets harder to get over, but with that being said just like addictions they CAN be helped. But if you talk to your daughter about why she feels like she has to pretend to be someone else and really take the time to try and understand her (even though it can hard) then you can help her. If it still happens i would say to seek a counselor.

Also, for the sake of the little boy end it. No one deserves to be treated that way.

Me too. It lasted 3 years until the girl finally found out from my other friend. Anyone doing this who hasn't yet been caught: stop; the lies will build up and up, and people will begin to have more suspicions. Trust me. Don't. I know how hard it is to leave them, and how guilty you will feel, just quit it while they still believe you. Quit, or feel 10 times worse.

Im going throught the same thing to this day.. im inlove with a girl who thinks im a guy and its been going on for 8 years now. i dont know what to do. i am such a bad person and lied about so much.

Me and my mate have just sat here and read all these, we feel sick this is our story...

weve knoiwn our mate beth for years since we was 13 .... shes allways been one of our good mates but something was never quite right and she made up for that on been such a gd friend... our other friend carly started txtin some lad when she was 14 and basically fell in love with her fne and every time she was supposed to meetm this so called ''boy'' he never showed up... beth was the one who passed on his number to her they was best mates and allways said ye hes great message him..anyway situation been he obvs never showed up but also did it to a load of othe friends we was all young and niaeve beth moved away every forgot abpout it alltho we had doubts it was her....
Years down the line were all sat in the pub and decided to ring this number for a laugh.. beth answered. we put the fone down in shock and laughed about it as she didnt live down here anymore so all just forgot about it...
Few more years down the line beth moved back and got intouch with everyone again. we never dwelled on the past we all just got over it and everyone became friends again.. nothing was ever mentioned. Recently our other friend sammy who was new to our group and new nothing about all of this in the past so had no reason to question anythin about beth... sammy became good friends with beth and out of the blue sammy started texting some boy called jay who told her he had text the wrong number but they decided to carry on textin anyway. they started an online relationship in the end but me and my friend realised it was all to much of a coinsidence and we analised everythin that beth did from then on... we knew that this boy was beth but didnt no how to tell sammy because beth had turned her all against us. started to get serious and when they arranged to meet jay would make a massive excuse i.e his dad had died, hospital etc so cudnt meet her. therefore sammy wud never question it. We decided it was goin to far so we made an aligation that beth was this 'jay' beth even went as far as making fake facebook accounts for 'jay' and his friends. police was involved numbers were traced... accounts were hacked they all led to beth. turns out shes done it to ALOT of girls. shes a female herself. weve always thought she was gay but bein good friends said it wudnt change anythin when she decided to come out.

It ****** with sammys head big time and tonight she tried to kill herself. i hope this will sort you all out and realise your mentally rapin people and its not fun nor nice what you are doing to people. go to the hospital you need MENTAL HELP you **** tards.... did u not see the documentary where that girl went as far as to rape the girls she was lying to. Your all going on about how upset you are but your ******* with innocent peoples lives! SORT IT OUT! knobheads.

THE END, p.s ur sick! theres not a single excuse u can use for usin someone elses identity its a criminal offense

This is really terrible....but you shouldn't judge everyone on what your friend Beth did. Some people who you just called "tards" actually do suffer from a mental illness or some sort of depression or issues. Yes, what they do is wrong, but it's a way to cope for some. And have you ever thought about the fact that some people like Beth have also attempted suicide or even succeeded because they KNOW what they're doing is wrong? I ABSOLUTELY understand where you are coming from. What happened to your friend was terrible and I'm sorry all of you had to experience that.

My deepest condolences.

I am in the same situation and I don't know what to do I posted as a guy on a free dating site with fake pics and I wasn't looking for a relationship or to fall in love with anyone then this nice girl started sending me messages and I didn't really care....she kept insisting to talk to me and I created fake aim and we were chatting everyday and I still really didn't care for her and we did exchange numbers and we were texting daily but then I stop texting her because I was busy with work and didn't really care to text her then she went to vacation and I got very sick with stomach virus and all the sudden I text her and she responded and I told her that I was sick and she showed that she cares and we started texting again she confessed she had delete it my number because I stopped texting her and she was so sweet and concerned about my health and I started caring for her and we text it eachother more and more I started having feelings for her and it was mutual but then she asked when she would hear my voice I kept avoiding the subjet but one day she called me and I answer with my own voice and its been 8 months and I'm in love and she wants to meet and I kept to giving excuses and she said she can't do this anymore she wants to meet today or she will be done with me and I'm supposed to meet her for coffee I want to tell her the truth but I am scared we have such a connection and mutual feelings but I don't want to hurt her what can I do?? She has an amazing personality and I'm not who she thinks I am ...I also like men but I like girls too

If you ever need to talk I'm here!