Used To Be Sally Ames

Got a job once with a good reputable publishing company that was just venturing into telemarketing. They were making professional training videos and wanting a new way of marketing them to their already enormous customer base so there was very little cold call. Most of the customers were nice because they regularly did business with us.

When I was hired there were 8 women all making hundreds of calls a day and all of us had to use the name Sally Ames. We were strictly forbidden to reveal our true identity. Of course every Sally had a different voice and no recollection of whatever the last Sally the customer spoke to had said. We could call out but not receive calls. Since we were all Sally you got whoever was not on the line,

It was so awkward at first. So demeaning  to pretend I was someone I was not. I struggled with feeling like a fraud even though it was legal.
Finally it became second nature to me. Part of me was Sally.

Two years later when they finally decided to allow the now 25 of us to use our own names I had the hardest time not saying "This is Sally Ames with the Bureau......."


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2 Responses Sep 30, 2010

Lol..yep and you always knew who was in the bathroom stall next to you:)

The only good that I can see with everyone using the same name while at work is at least it would be easy to talk to someone in the breakroom when having forgotten their real name lol.