Hi I'm Nicole.

My name is anonymous, but on this website I go by Elizabethamber, and when I go online on random chat sites I pretend... not really. I mean I have what I feel are the most meaningful conversations when I am online. And I do these under the name Nicole Amber. I've got it down so well, I am a 17 year old, female, from California. I'm Hispanic, 5'3, brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, and am very lovable. That actually, is not much of a lie from who I am except that I'm male and 16. Trust if you knew all about what I feel you would slightly understand. Ok I'm a male I wish that I was female. But a sex change is out of the question because I would want to be fertile, and be able to have a baby. I don't just want the looks, I want the idea of everything female. But because I can't, I won't and therefore I act feminine and dress that way when I am alone. But you would not suspect it if you saw me on the street I act male and dress male. No I am not gay. Yes I am straight and like females, but if I was female I would probably be bi. And so I act out this other person on the internet chats and do it rather well. I don't do it often but when I do, it is perfect. And that is the way I am. I am Nicole Elizabeth Amber, and I like it.
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I'm like you. I'm actually a 22 year old male that wishes he was born a woman. I love how girl clothes fit. I'm actually very quiet about it. Only a few of my friends know and they are all girls. My gf doesn't know. I love the name you picked for yourself. (:

I think that's totally cool and I feel the same way! Plus, you sound smexy... ;) Would love to chat with you. Take a look at my profile and send me a message. xoxo