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I daydream a lot about being someone else and even make up little stories in my head, It used to keep me entertained for hours when I was little. I would even act out scenes from my mind like a emotional situation, or being scared when I was in my room alone. I think that entertained me more than playing with toys. I guess i'm a little weird lol I never actually pretended to be someone else in real life, It's just a way to escape boredom and pretend I'm someone else or have a different and more exciting life from my own.
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I do this. I take stories from things and make them my own. It will consume my mind for so long then I find something else. It kind of annoys me now because I can't really control it. I'll draw it out or just talk to myself when I'm alone and now I'm just worried it's going to far.

I can control it enough to stop but when i really feel the ned to escape thats what i do

I do this too! Im glad I found this, I thought I was so alone...I always wanted to find people just like I, and I always dreamed about meeting people like me, and come up with a roleplaying group, and make it a hobby..I dont know, like have a little convention for people like us to share their creations. sounds cool, and makes you feel less alone. Sometimes I even creste social media accounts for my characters, but I found it kinda weird so then I migrated to Wattpad, (which is an app you can write and share stories on) and I share my fantasies with others. :) its another way I cope with my day dreaming.

Like everyday I make up stories in my head and act them out , it's mostly with the guys that I like or want to be in a relationship with , I even think of sexual scenes wich I think is pretty weird ... I started doing this since I was lil my sister and I used to act out things we we'll see on TV and pretend we were those characters I remember doing this when I was like 5 I am now 17 and sometimes I wish I would stop I feel like a crazy person

I do that too! I currently have a boyfriend, but I pretend (In my head) that I'm dating his friend. I accidentally called my boyfriend, Dyson. When his actual name is Roan. But Dyson is his friend I pretend to date. I don't know if this is a mental illness.

Ive looked this subject up as I was going to admit it to my cousellor. When I was young me and my sister used to play with puppy in my pocket, we had loads, they all had names, peronalities, we made houses for them and used to play life scenes, relationships, weddings, funerals ect. My favourite charecter was a doberman named Kurt, he was the cheif of police, had a huge family, him and his twin brother would get into all sorts of scrapes. One day i admitted to my sister that i can see what they would look like as people, i even drew portraits of them. Over the years things changed, Kurts named changed to Luchiano, the family became a warm italian family (as a teenager I had a thing for italians!) We also played acting out scenes, us being that person, it was such an escapism. I left home at 17 and my sister doesnt know but I still play it, by myself, im 31 and have 2 kids, i find it such an escape, the person is still the same, but with all the qualities i want in a person, kind, strong, talented and handsome. It doesnt take over my life, but sometimes I wish i didnt have to come back to the reality. Thing is if this was my perfect guy, why am i not imagining that im a charecter in a relationship with him? Thinking about it its more of an alter ego thing, im shy, dont think im particularly good looking, and I dont regard myself at all really, that I can understand, but why a guy? It even got to the point when i used to dress up and act. Feeling like a weirdo Ive never told a soul, but I do believe my alter ego is masculine, Im not a feminine person at all, and it gets me down sometimes, especially on weddings and occasions when I want to feel good. I have a wonderful smart strong handsome boyfriend, he has so many of the qualities I used to dream about as a child, but why am I still going back to Luchiano? Wish I could stop wondering why and feel comfortable in my own skin, work on myself and try and be me, instead of wishing I was a figmant of my imagination :|

me too! i pretend i have another face and i play the life of this person in my head.

I do this a few years now. Like almost everyone here, I thought it was weird and that I was the only one who did this.
Most of the time I pick a character from a series, movie or anime and act out scenes in my head before I go to sleep, sometimes even during the day. A thing I haven't read about here is what kind of scenes you play. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I like to act out/dream/think about scenes in which I am suffering, wounded, passing out or in a coma and waking up every now and then (during the day, when I'm daydreaming, like I'm trapped in this world and here on earth is just my dream I'm having in my coma)... Most of the time I'm almost dying, even. I'm often a guy and then another person (or more than just one) is like: ''No, stay with me, you're gonna be fine!'' and that kind of stuff. I don't know why and I don't know if it's normal to have these kind of things in my mind, but in a strange way I enjoy it really much...
(I do it almost every day, but I know it's never real and never will be, so I know it's just daydreaming.)

I mostly pick up characters from Doctor Who (like i imagine myself to be the companion), Harry potter (and when i was a kid - PPG, Power Rangers, stuff like that)
I dont know if this is harming me, and i love doing it! But sometimes i feel that i should emd it and concentrate on my studies, but seriously, it;s addictive! And by acting it out, i mean i literally talk out the entire thing with the whole emotion adn everything
I was never really an acting sort of person, but hell it's fun. I literally put myself into the shoes of all the people who act out these things, imagine like i actually know the stars who play these iconic characters.

I, and many others, do this too. Sometimes I pretend I'm a celebrity or a YouTuber, but not someone who actually exists. I make up people and characters and the way they look, talk and act. Sometimes some of the characters in these stories, I guess you can say, are real people, but I make them have conversations with people who aren't real. It's really weird and I don't tell many people about it. I'm glad there's other people that do this too.

Same, and sometimes I switch it up when I get bored and create someone else. It's like I have multiple personalities.

I have some of the same stuff. I have created a character who is the person I want to be, and I make fit in TV- series and movies. She is al I want to be. Thank you, at first I thought I was mentaly ill. I am glad I found this

the same thing happens to me.
I cant even study well.every time I open my book I start thinking about a story in my mind for too much time or when im alone lying on bed I start making story.
I dont know how to stop this thing


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I'm so very glad that i can relate. i create scenarios in my mind from tv shows ever since i was 9 years old. i am now 14 and i still create them. i am SO GLAD that i found this. thank you for posting this

I am so glad I found this I thought something was wrong with me! If I watch a tv show, film or read a book I pretend I am part of that fictional world. I call them games, I use to play games in my mind and pretend I was dating a celebrity or I was a fictional characters long lost twin! I'm glad I found other people I can relate to!

I have been doing this as long as I can remember. I used to act (In real plays) and go to acting classes, and one day, during a mock audition, I was asked why I wanted to be an actress. I said "because I think it's fun to be another person". My mom told me I had to come up with a better reason. Ever since then I felt ashamed of the fact that I loved taking on the role of a completely new person. I used to make up happy scenarios with lots of interesting pieces to the stories, but I've gone through different phases. For example in high school, I imagined having to tell my teacher that I was pregnant or that I've come to school high or drunk. Neither of which have ever happened to me. It got really bad to the point I would play a game for a whole year where I would try to see if the teacher would notice my 'sadness'. One teacher did and called my mom, and I learned to never fake that again.
Recently I've started to actually bring these roles into my real life but I only use my fake persona for things like my Starbucks name, or when I meet someone that I don't think I'll ever talk to again.
Now I can't even go to bed without making up a scenario in my head and hoping I'll dream about it. I spend hours just sitting there thinking of the perfect scenario before I can finally fall asleep.

Same..did you find a way to stop this i got this habit this year,its been 7 months i know i can stop but if you have a way please tell,i know doing this is fun but i cant concentrate

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oh thank god I'm not alone. i used to cry because i thought there was something wrong with me! well I'm glad I'm not alone.

Not alone at all ! I used to cry too because I wanted to change, but then after al these years I just realized that this is who I am, I cant change.

Wow I'm glad I found this page! I was beginning to think I had a mental illness and was searching for answers on what could be my possible problem! I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm 15 and have been "daydreaming" and making up scenarios for as long as I can remember. I do it everytime I finish a movie,tv show or book. I pretend like I'm the characters and act out their scenarios (when I'm alone). I also tend to picture myself in certain situations and act them out. Maybe it's because I'm lonely or maybe I just constantly daydream anytime I get the chance. If there's a specific name for this I'd love to know what it is!

I feel ya :/

Its called "Maladaptive Daydreaming" by professionals.

I have it too. I create my own story or I make spin off's of other books/Tv shows and I sit for hours just daydreaming. I feel ya.

I always create a character after watching a movie/serie or reading a book and then imagine the character's story and scenes and act alone in my bedroom . I also always think in english(I'm portuguese) because everything sounds better in english in my mind. Recently I started reading "The Maias" for portuguese class and I'm loving it so much that I wish I lived in 19th century. I get super depressed and I barely talk to people. When I read it I feel warm inside, I feel something nice in my heart, I feel I belong there. I even started saving pictures of 19th century people so I could draw some characters of "the Maias" and then draw myself and all my outfits because it helps me picturing everything. I have anxiety problems, I'm really insecure about myself, I have an awful relationship with my mother and other problems too... I live in melancholy and I'm scared because doing this actually helps me a lot but I stoped participating in life. it's amazing because it's really easy for me to write ,do amazing paintings and act and I forget about all my problems, but I started finding life boring, crying everyday and thinking about suicide.

I do that all the time. Happy to know im not the only on

I totally know what you are talking about, sometimes i do myself when i am at home by myself or if i'm board and need something to do. I used to think that something was wrong with me.....!!!!!!

I've been doing this since I was about 10 years old. (I'm 19 now, and I'm a girl) At first it was just daydreaming in school. I was mainly thinking about how I would react if certain situations would happen. Then, gradually, when i was alone in my bedroom, I would start pretending to be the main character of a movie. Acting out scenes. At one point, I was the karate kid.
Today, I mainly take characters form a bunch of different movies and tv shows and have imaginary adventures.

I've been doing this since I was a kid,i'm 50 years old now that's the good part of life,your imagination

I do this too! i thought i was really odd and i didn't think anyone else did it :/ i do it everyday as a coping technique but after i think i shouldn't be doing this as its not normal. i don't know what it is you would call it :/ when im alone i pretend to be in certain situations like pretending im in a boarding school or something and deal with situations which would not happen. i think it gives a sense of not being lonely as you feel like there are people there for you in your head. but i don't really know. i wish i knew why and what it is. :/ at lest im not alone! :)

I use it as a coping technique too. I get really bad panic attacks so if I ever start to feel overwhelmed I just pretend I'm somewhere or someone I'm not. In my head I can have all the strength I need. :)

I do the same except I find photos on the internet and name them as if they were my siblings. I create fake families.

Omg I thought I was the only one!!!!

Oh my gosh! Reading all these comments makes me feel so better. I started daydreaming about being someone else after I read Harry Potter books when I was 11. Now, I'm 15 and I still daydream about being a character in place of Harry with all kinds of spin offs I get from reading books and watching movies. I'm so addicted to it. I wish that I would stop. I'm ruining my life since I waste a lot of time, and I just want to stop and live MY life.

Do the exact same thing. . . read the harry potter series more times than you want to know lol

I do this all the time, I've been doing it since I was a little girl. I am embarrassed about it...I used to think I was the only one who did it up until a few years ago when I basically googled it and I read like one story about someone who does that and well today..I'm reading about some others...I do it daily, constantly and I wish I could stop but it is almost like a coping mechanism... sigh

I do this almost every night, except I watch a movie or tv show and try to make up a character for myself and put myself in the plot with disrupting it to much, makes me feel like I was actually part of the show

I do the exact same thing! Glad I'm not the only one :)

Omg... I do the same exact thing ! Especially when it's one of my favorite shows. Once I placed my self in the show, my mind goes crazy with different scenarios like who my love interest would be, the type of character I would play, how I would even get in the show... Most times, it keeps me up at night "sigh" lol. I'm kinda grateful for it though. I know I would be one bad-*** actress/ or director lol

I'm 18 years old and I was raised up in a great family lifestyle. I'm so relieved to read that other people are experiencing something similar to what I'm experiencing. However, I find it problematic since this is what I do all the time when I'm bored. its becoming more constant. it becomes difficult for me to focus on my uni study because this is all I do. I have never told anyone. I usually close my bedroom door and act out or imagine a scenario that I wish I could have been real for me. This can go on for hours. I also don't know if this is a result of me unsure of what career I want to take, which I find very important to me. I'm Lost. I am also starting to feel as if this is what is making me more withdrawn/anti social with other people. I tend to avoid people uni, its very difficult to focus as well because I always wonder what other people are thinking about me. I thought it would be anxiety, but I am not sure if that really counts. HELP!!

I am so happy you all do this too! haha(; i do this every single day, most of the day. I imagine a made up girl who is everything i wish i was. I even have like made up friends and family, and i feel bad cause i love the ones i have for real.

And yeahh i make up these scenarios in my head, and if i leave a scenario for awhile I will come back to it later. its like a made up life, but i can see it so clearly in my head and i can get into it really easy now after all this practice.

i feel bad about it sometimes cause i feel like i should be living my real life instead of living in this imaginary one all the time. sighhhhh

you're right, it happens with me all the time and it gets very frustrating... its like i want to go on daydreaming because i project myself as an awesome person in my day dreams... its hard to explain..

its not like im really under confident or anything i just dont cant seem to control it

I do this too! I thought there was something wrong with me that I was the only person that did this. This makes me feel a lot better!

This is so reassuring! I do this all the time, I even have a whole different family made up in my mind, i thought it was weird and have never told anyone about it but I found this page so now I dont feel like such an idiot.

Okay so I'm so happy I found this page. I do this too. Exept, with me it's characters from shows or movies I pretend to be. The one I've been doing a lot now is Glee. I also do Jane and the Dragon, and Total Drama Island. I pick my favorite couple or character (Kurt and Blaine from Glee for an example) and I'll have them go through a emotional situation. In a way it helps me with stress. If I'm upset or something I'll pretend the characters are going through the same thing. I do this ALL THE TIME 24/7 ever since I can remember. I love it though because it helps with my fanfiction! <3

^^ I used to do this too

I thought I was the only person who did this too. I've been doing this since middle school probably and now I'm almost 40. Since I found out I have adhd I thought that was the reason why I make up the stories in my head. I like doing it and have started writing my stories down.

Wow, I thought I was the only one to do this. I just saw a video about different personalities and I got worried, but know that I know that other people do it too, I feel much better. I noticed that most of the people to comment mentioned their sodiac sign to be Gemini, but im not, Im Sagittarius.

I'm an Aquarius don't worry lol

I also have done this since I was little always imagining that I am with the man of my dreams who ever it may be at the time I have also pretended to have sex within these fantasies but to me that's really shamefull and scary part hoping this will go away

I do this everyday of my life. It started when i was 7-9 now i am a teenager. I created these fictional scenarios where i am this girl living a successful life where she can do anything she wants. I even imagined her friends and family, this has gone so far that I feel like her friends are actually better then my friends in real life lol. I recently started writing down some of it and it has helped me. It is quite entertaining and i would rather lye in bed and daydream then go party unlike most teens. It is my fave passtime and I dont regret it i consider it as a gift from heaven. You should too!

^^ I feel the same way! Like you create this character and you follow her point of view almost as if you're in her world and make up all these fictional scenarios with fictional friends and family members and she can do anything she wishes to. I'd also rather stay in than party like the rest of my peers (15/16/17 years), like it's so much more fun that way:)

I started doing this when i was a child, i didn't have alot of friends that i spent time with outside of school. So when i got home it would be the first thing i would do. Just go to my room and close my eyes and I would still be me, but I would be different. You'd think if i was unhappy in real life I would create happy scenarios in my mind, but they would always be painful/depressing, and I wasn't the nicest of people. It got to the point where i would want to spend more and more time alone just so I could be "there". I'm 24 now and i've been in a relationship for the past 5 years and i still feel the need to do this whenever i'm alone or at night laid in bed. I always thought it meant i had some sort of a problem, so i'm very glad to discover that so many other people do the same thing.

I am so glad I have found this site. I thought I was the only one that did this. I started as a child and still, to this day, pretend and even act out my day dreams when I am alone. <br />
Talking to people that aren't there, pretending that they are in the room with me; even (and I can't believe I'm about to say this) pretending to have sex with someone while ************. I hope I didn't say too much. I am a heterosexual female, yet every single one of my characters are male. And all of the characters are male celebs like Stuart Townsend, (Lestat from Queen of the Damned), Michael Hutchence, (INXS lead singer), etc. When I am in pretend-mode, I keep a picture of the character in my mind, and to help me, I save a lot of pictures on my computer, as well. I've been wondering for years if there was anyone else like me. So glad I found this site.....

I can relate to your comment so much! I've been looking to find someone like me but I only find people who talk to people in their head. I also imagine the people being in the same room as me. I can also relate to pretending to have sex with one of them while ************. I now feel less weird about myself. :)

You are not alone I do the exact same thing!

omg. :P I still do it... I thought I was the only one! Haha! Sometimes I do it on accident...

i started doing this as a kid (lol im only 19 now) but i started around 13. i started by dreaming about dating celebrities like lil bow wow and chris brown but then when i turned about 15 i dreamt of dating people who went to my school. i mean i would dream up outfits and scenes like kissing them in the rain..etc. <br />
<br />
now at 19, i still dream but my dreams are becoming more realistic. like i dream up outfits but its things i actually wear now (your fashion sense increases as you get older) and my scenarios are usually about guys that ive already dated. (i had my first bf at 17, kissed my first guy at 17) i think all of the dreaming has to do with loneliness, not feeling accepted, depression (my boyfriend just broke up with me) and just plain boredom. <br />
<br />
i think only creative people can do this so instead of wasting our time dreaming, write a story, paint a picture, act in a movie! OR. if your longing to live like your dreams dont be afraid to go out and MAKE IT REAL. everything is x10 in reality instead of a dream. trust me :)

I am 18 years old and for as long as I can remember, I've been pretending to be someone completely made up. I've created a different persona for myself, someone I wish I was. I basically live in my mind as this girl, as if it is an escape from my real life. I create everyday scenarios, with every detail from what she is wearing to what she had for lunch. I have conversations in my head and just pretend I am living my life as this person who is absolutely perfect. Someone who has everything I wish I had. I don't know what is wrong with me. I act as if I'm perfectly happy with who I am but the truth is I'm not. If I was I wouldn't have to live in my head.

I do exactly what you, I am really glad I found this.
I started this when I was about 9 or 10 and I am 28 now, still doing it. I always thought I would have stopped by now but it hasn't. I have really been able to shut it off when I need to but it is like a security blanket for me and I can't stop. It's especially bad when I have time to myself.

I do this too, I've been doing it since I was little, I'm 16 now; and when i typed it into Google the first thing that came up was Schizophrenia, which got me a little worried. I'm glad I'm not the only one, it makes me feel a lot better about it knowing other people are in the same position as me! Thanks for sharing your story!

i always do this. i thought i had a mental problem. i only found this cos i was pretty desperate to know if anyone else done this... weird but i'm a girl but pretend to be Ian Watkins from Lostprophets. but it actually gives me confidence in real situations cos i always pretend to be him, i just don't tell anyone. and hes really confident so as him, i act how i think he would... tho i'm always paranoid that i'm not talking in my head and that someone will hear me so i weirdly talk to someone in the room but in my head just to see what they do or say lol

You know what... I wrote here yesterday and continued searching things online and I think I an finally accept myself. I still do this , making up stories and scenes, I'm also really artistically ba<x>sed. I don't want to encourage anyone to hurt people with fake profiles, I still think that's incredibly wrong. But why not an account for roleplay online? That's what my 'fake' account is but since it's already listed as a fictional character I'm not sure if it still qualifies as me pretending to be someone else. Anyway being creative and imaginative is something the world is lacking now. I mean look at us... Commenting on a site, convinced there something wrong with us. If you want to day dream, then I say you should! Maybe even start writing down your ideas, expand on them, who knows, you could have a best selling novel in your head. Society is so focused on a cookie cutter image that people are supposed to be. I say let people dream!

Im so glad that Im not alone in this situation...And it could be because of our Gemini traits..I starting imagining I was in certain situations and I used to role play alot..I even looked forward to being alone b/c I could escape from reality..And honestly It made me feel better..I even wanted to pursuit Acting, I was worried that I still continued to pretend and day dream even in my 21 years of life..But Im glad I have all of you who understand..And I do believe that we are talented and expressive individuals who have a desire to think out side the boxs.

hey same with me i thought that i am the only one in childhood i have fantasy of being a superhero now it has changed to mature like being husband of a beautiful wife or being a superstar,etc do you want to get over this habit like me

I've been doing this since I was a child, I'm so glad I'm not alone! I would either act like I'm someone else, be it a real person or a fictional one, or I would pretend they were talking to me. I was fully aware it wasn't real and I never acted it out in front of other people. I still do it, and I thought I would've grown out of it by now. Until now I thought there might be something really wrong with me, so I'm so pleased there are other people out there who do the same thing!

I do this constantly.I was starting to think I was crazy r something but its nice to know I'm probably not. I act like I'm a grown women having a successful life. Finding the perfect man nd everything. I'm trying to stop this has been going on for a while.nice to know I'm not alone.

i do this all the time myself and im so glad i found others that do the same!

I am so happy i found this. It makes me feel so stupid i thought i would stop when i wasn't alittle kid any more. but it helps me escape the real world. even tho i don't really feel unhappy with the real world . it just doesn't seem enough. like sometimes its get really oddd and i'll pretend im alsorts of people. sometimes tho im just my self in another situation with different people. but it seems so real like the people in these day dreams seem like they can be in front of me. i have also had to be wary about 'getting caught' doing odd little things, talking to my self and smiling in strange situations. even at home i go in and out of these day dreams when people come into the room i go back to normal. but i never say anything to anyone about it because im so embarrased. its great to know others are like me.

Could it be our Gemini angelic trait?

I do this quite frequently only I dream of myself as older(18-20) and with some sort of man. I have a bif variety I choose from. I dream about them for days, weeks, even months at the time. I dreamed about Marc Anthony for like 1/ 2 months and im not even half his age! But now I am dreaming about someone closer to my dream age. which makes me feel better. Right now I'm dreaming of someone that i just met and maybe not have even spoken 10 words to in my entire life. I like being able to escape the real world for a few hours a day. I can seriously see everything in my mind too. I think people like this should think of it as a gift not that they are weird

I do this quite frequently only I dream of myself as older(18-20) and with some sort of man. I have a bif variety I choose from. I dream about them for days, weeks, even months at the time. I dreamed about Marc Anthony for like 1/ 2 months and im not even half his age! But now I am dreaming about someone closer to my dream age. which makes me feel better. Right now I'm dreaming of someone that i just met and maybe not have even spoken 10 words to in my entire life. I like being able to escape the real world for a few hours a day. I can seriously see everything in my mind too. I think people like this should think of it as a gift not that they are weird

I do this quite frequently only I dream of myself as older(18-20) and with some sort of man. I have a bif variety I choose from. I dream about them for days, weeks, even months at the time. I dreamed about Marc Anthony for like 1/ 2 months and im not even half his age! But now I am dreaming about someone closer to my dream age. which makes me feel better. Right now I'm dreaming of someone that i just met and maybe not have even spoken 10 words to in my entire life. I like being able to escape the real world for a few hours a day. I can seriously see everything in my mind too. I think people like this should think of it as a gift not that they are weird

I have done this same exact thing since I was a little kid. I was always pretending to be other people in my mind. I mostly made up these stories when I was in school and I was bored or when I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I would pretend to be someone from my favorite movie or show or I'd pretend to be this new character who would try to hook up with the guy I had a crush on in the show/movie lol. I still make stories up in my head... I always try to write these stories down but I have such difficulty doing it.

^^literally me lol I do this all the time, and I agree that writing it down can be really hard cause I find that most of the time these scenarios are improvised, only I find that I only really do it when I'm by myself like I don't find myself doing it in public places or around my friends an family...

This really describes how this habit started with me a little kid I was never much interested in board games or sports, but "playing pretend" always kept me intensely occupied. I'd either make up someone I wanted to be and create stories, or be that person going through my day, or I'd be a character from a favorite book or television show. I remember I was in the process of doing this once in second grade and I was so into my pretending I made some sort of face in class which wasn't appropriate to what we were working on, and a classmate gave me a seriously funny look! I was's very comforting to know there are others who do this in some way.

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wow i do the exact same thing, i have for as long as i can remember. i never mentioned it to anyone bc i never knew how to explain it plus i thought i was the only person in the world who did this. its so cool to think im not a complete weirdo