I Think My Friend Is Being Someone Else Online!

This is very hard to explain but ill try my best. I have this friend who i think is being someone else online, with a different Facebook and other social websites. Theres alot of facts that this could be true. i know this person so well that when i talk to the so called fake, i know its him. This fake has had the same photos for years, i even asked for him to email me ( so i could get his ip address ) but it was all excuses. He would never go on web cam, My friend and the fake would always be online at the same time, when m friend was out the fake would never be on, this has been going on for about 2 years and just now i want to know the truth. Im getting really sure that it is the same person, i just dont know what to do about it. i need help as in what to do?? has anyone else done this or knows anything about this kind of situation?!
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my questn ta u iz...unless ur friend iz REALLY ur BYFRIEND, why does it BOTHER u so much that ur friend MIGHT hav anothr personality?

lol why wouldn't it bother me, hes talking to other girls being someone else, its cheating! and getting nude photos from them! he is my boyfriend.

thats what i SAID...he MUST be ur BYFRIEND...in ur story, u ONLY refer ta hm az a "friend", thats why it seems awkwrd ud b SO bothrd by hz actionz...may i ask why u only refer ta hm az a "friend" in ur story?

Start asking the suspected "FAKE" questions that only the "REAL" person would know the answers to and gauge the reaction. If that's not clear. Suggest that they sound or act like this "real" person and gauge their reaction. Does their personality change, do they get angry, defensive and run-off temporarily or are they completely confused at your accusation.<br />
<br />
Can you get the real person on the phone? Arranging to talk, text, IM at the same time can provide a real-time way to trip this person up, if it is the same person. Since this person would know you are communicating with their "fake persona", tell them something completely opposite and see if the "fake" reacts.<br />
<br />
For example:<br />
<br />
Real: "What's up?"<br />
<br />
You: "Oh, just texting with (Fake)....He/She is such a (insert rude/deragatory comment here)!"<br />
<br />
Fake: "Do you think I'm a (insert rude/deragatory comment here)?"<br />
<br />
You: "What makes you think that?"<br />
<br />
Otherwise, if your suspicions persist, my recommendation would be to drop contact with this "fake" and confront the "real" with your suspicions.

Best answer by far, thank you o much! i will try this!