I Finally Told Her The Truth...

Hey everyone, I am just writing to tell you that the girl that I was talking to in my last story finally knows the truth. It was hard, but I am glad that it happened, and I truly am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So this is what happened....I went on her friends twitter and saw a tweet that said "my sweet 16 is next week!" ....and I was confused because this girl told me that her friend and her were seniors. Anyway, I ignored it for a few weeks..and then one day I was kind of in a bad mood, just didn't feel like dealing with anyone. We were texting and she was telling me about how immature her friend was and something about school, well out of frustration I said "So what college are you going to anyway..." and she replied, I am going to Texas A&M, I thought I told you that...and I had said no you never talk about going to college or getting senior pics or anything. Well she started gettting all defensive about it and then finally I said, well I have a question...I went on your friend's twitter and she tweeted that her 16th bday was next week..I thought she was turning 18?. Well then she said "We really need to talk". So finally we talked on the phone that night and she was all uptight and just stressed. I said "whats going on..." and she said I have been lying to you....I am not turning 18...I'm the same age as my friend. (turning 16). I was in shock..I wasn't expecting it at all..but at the same time..I had a deeper, darker secret. The fact that I wasn't actually a guy. She was bawling her eyes out saying that I should hate her guts because she wasted 3 yrs of my life blah blah blah. But I still wasn't saying anything, because my secret was worse. and I felt like I wasted 3 yrs of her life. Finally she hung up because she had to blow her nose and throw up from the stress......that is when I decided that it is now or never. I had to tell her. There was no way that I could live with myself knowing that this amazing girl was beating herself up over lying to me, when I was just as guilty. She called back and my heart was pounding so hard..I was so nervous. She kept apologizing and apologizing and then I said, "well you shouldn't be upset.....because I have something to tell you too...and it is way worse..." she said what is it? what could possibly be worse than this? and I said,,I'm not actually a guy...... there was a long pause on the phone. And then she quietly said, "what? but ...how? I don't get it". I was soo ashamed..so upset, embarassed.....mad at myself for hurting such a great girl. We both cried for about 10 minutes and she took a deep breath. She then said okay okay...so you're not a guy, I don't hate you at all...Im just confused can you just explain from the beginning? So we calmed down and I told her everything from the very beginning. From the very first time I messaged her up until this very point in time. I explained everything in my last story also and she was soo fascinated over it. She was obviously upset...I broke her heart :/ but at the same time she said she could never be mad at me or hate me. I told her all about myself, and we agreed that we would remain best friends no matter what. We have texted every single day since then and we literally are inseperable best friends although she is so much younger. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! :) I am blessed. Thank you for reading.
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wow you are one brave individual .. that is a great outcome wish I could have the same :/