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Hi all,

I don't mean to spam your board, but I've been talking to a few of you and would like to extend an invitation to a show I am working on. It has a lot to do on what you are all writing about, so please check it out!

MTV is working on an exciting new TV series and is looking for people who have been having online friendships or relationships! Maybe you have fallen in love or maybe things have gone too far! Either way, MTV is offering these people who have never met before a chance to finally meet face-to-face! We want to document your journey as you get ready to meet. As long as you look between the ages of 18-30, are both in the US or Canada, don't worry about the distance! We take care of everything! If it's a moment of truth or a fairytale ending that you're looking for, send us your info and we'll help you finally make it happen!

Have you been talking to someone online for a long time that you have yet to meet? Are you eager to finally meet them and see if there is chemistry?

Do you wonder if the person you are talking to online is really who they say they are? Do you want to find out?

Are you currently using a fake profile online?? Has someone fallen for your online alter-ego?

Do you spend hours talking or texting with someone you met online? Are you afraid to meet them because you haven't been completely honest?

Are you in a long distance relationship with someone you've never actually met in person? Have you been holding something back from them... are you keeping a secret?

Do you make excuses for not meeting in person because you've been avoiding telling them something? Are you afraid they won't accept you for who you really are?

Are you currently using a fake profile to get to know someone you have a crush on... or to keep track of an ex or someone your ex left you for?

Do you need help figuring out the best way to finally tell them the truth? Are you looking for a safe way to explain yourself and reveal the real you?

Everyone has a story to share... If ANY of these scenarios sound like you or someone you know, then MTV wants to hear your story! We're here to offer support and guidance along the way.

HOW TO APPLY: Email us at onlinedoublelife at rrstaff dot com with your name, age, location, and best way to contact you. Also, tell us a little about your story.
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3 Responses Jun 28, 2012

eh I rather not go on catfish I rather tell them myself and that's what I did

Oh Catfish-- now I see your beginnings.

So now MTV wants to make celebrities out of con artists and exploit the people who they have duped? Damn I miss the Martha Quinn days!