"she's Such A Lovely Girl!" Not.

This little show I put on for everyone is ridiculous. I have to fake who I am to avoid all the bitching and bickering people do to my face. I know I don't have to change for people, but I do it to just shut them up and make them happy. I could give a **** whether they like who I am or not in reality, I just don't wanna hear them complain, so I give them what they wanna hear.
I lie about being in college. I'm really just a part time daycare aide. I only went to school for a semester and then dropped out. But I tell people in going on my third year in college and I'm majoring in early childhood development to become a daycare provider.
I lie about always being so happy and perky. Hell no. My mom sees the real me and my boyfriend has to deal with the real me. I'm only being happy and perky because it pleases other people. I get satisfaction out of being able to make other people happy.
I lie about my entire outer appearance. I suck my tummy in, I wear makeup to cover my flaws, I straighten my naturally curly hair, and I pretend to be happy with how I look. No matter how my outer appearance is, I will NEVER be happy with how I look.
I lied to my parents about being a virgin until I get married just do they don't think I'm a ***** for sleeping with the ONLY guy I've ever been with sexually and the ONLY guy I've dated for over four years. But they found out I wasn't a virgin. But oh well.
I lie to my boyfriend about being content with where we are in our relationship only because it keeps him calm and collected. I'm really eager to move out of my parents house and get a place of our own and start a life of our own already. But that won't happen for a while so I just encourage him to do his best.
I lie about SO much to make people happy.
Guess that makes me a liar.
But the one thing I don't lie about is the fact that I love seeing people happy because of something I did.
So if that's what it takes then so be it.
Hollyvm92 Hollyvm92
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

the problem is you put others feelings before yours you're afraid of disappointing people yes I know this because I too do that as well. No one likes disappointing anyone that they care about I would know cause well I was recently caught being someone else actually taking their picture passing it off as myself our stories aren't similar but still I ended up being honest with them I feel somewhat better now.