Am I Mental?

I've had this problem from being a very little girl, where I like to pretend I'm a part of t.v series'.

It starts with me watching/reading something from a fantasy series or a supernatural series, or actually it could be anything! I don't like to pretend I'm a character, I make up my own character and fit that person in with the story line! But everytime I do this the girl that I play has the same name throughout; Dahlia.

More recently I have started to pretend that I am apart of The walking dead series (The t.v show, not the comics) it may sound silly because obviously, there are no zombies and I know that no ones going to bite me and turn me into the undead, but I pretend that I see them and in my head I kill them when I'm in public. When I'm on my own, I actually act it out.

This next bit is going to sound creepy! I have pretend relationships with some of the characters too! Like Daryl (It's always Daryl from the walking dead, but the person varies from whatever show I'm pretending to be in). I like to pretend that I'm in relationships with them and I fit it into the storyline, but if that character in the real show actually ends up with someone it makes me depressed, so much so that I move on to the next series that I can pretend to be in.

Dahlia is always this tough cookie that usually has some sort of super power, or sometimes she is a really good shot with a gun, stronger, smarter and better than the average female at everything. She also always has a troubled past (I won't go into it, sometimes it can get a little too weird).

There's a lot more to it than I have written, but I can't find the words to describe it! They make me feel better and I actually consider these characters as my friends. It's really affecting my life, to the point where I struggle forming relationships with other people because they're not those people, and that they don't live in the world that I live in, inside my head. I've had several boyfriends before but I've dumped them because I'd rather have this fantastical romance with this person that's not even there and I am struggling with it! I have no social life because I'd rather stay in and pretend that I'm someone I'm not. I've also started speaking to myself in public by accident when I lose focus. Usually when I'm in public I'll talk to my "friends" in my head, I get funny looks and comments off people and it's really getting me down! I know I should want to stop this problem, but the truth is I actually don't! They make me feel better about myself, I feel like I can rely on them and they are always there for me! Even though I feel like a freak and I'm struggling I feel that if they went away I couldn't cope without these invisible people in my life and that I'd be lost and become depressed even more so than when of my storylines in my head completely bombs. I hope this makes sense and I don't know if I should talk to someone about it, is it worth it? Will they think I'm faking it ? Will they tell me I'm crazy? I don't know. I'm confused.
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I do the exact same thing about the walking dead and other tv/made up story.i dont think it makes you mental. in my walking dead i am a sas soilder from the uk and ect i think its means you have a good imagination.