Addicted To Being A Sl_t

It's been going on for several years now, started at the age of 12 when I used to play a game online and loved receiving free stuff from guys who loved helping me. I'm 16 now and I still do this but on another game. I've had numerous internet relationships, and to be honest known for being quite a sl_t. I have had virtual sex with other guys on the internet even when I'm in a relationship giving false hope to my current boyfriend. I hate it..

Back to reality, I am a smart, good-looking boy, I'm gay so I do take care of my appearance a lot and I'm very popular with having loads of girlfriends to hang with, I try to stay modest but I do have a lot of people who would be there for me, always.

It's just I'm addicted to being my alter-ego girl sl_t, I flirt with ALL the guys and I can't get enough. I come home from school and spend time on there. I've spent soo much money aswell on buying clothes for my character to make her look somehow attractive and I would make a boy account and see if anyone WOULD be interested so I COULD meet up with them in real life but I can't just ditch my girl one because I feel bad for wasting that money. Especially, now where I need to pay attention to my life for studying I'm not. I want to do well in life because I am clever and I know I will achieve something in my life. But it's the fact that I even blow off friends to carry on playing this girl out, I send fake pictures and say to people how we should soo meet but I know it won't happen.

HELP ME. I'm so addicted. I need to get rid of this obsession and focus on my real life, especially now when I'm needed to study the hardest, please, any suggestions x
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It's just effing hilarious cause it's a video game HAHAHAHAHAAA. Well atleast your honest.


what's so funny? @PinkStar99