I Just Want The Truth

I dont know why i'm typing this but feel the need to just share and try to get understanding. I sometimes would waste time on omegle just talking to random people. one day I met a person named Jade Bains age 19. We talked for a couple hours she was nice, and when i saw her picture she was stunning. (i know, that should have been the first flag :P) added her on skype and we just talked for hours every night for nearly 2 months straight, She claimed her camera was busted so she couldn't video chat. (i know another sign) but i let it go. She'd show me all these pictures of herself, which I did try to image search for similar images but nothing so I figured she was indeed who she said she was. So we talked like hours and hours everynight, I told her all about myself, she told me all about herself supposedly. The story she crafted was just damn convincing, and ridiculously unorthodox. She was half punjab, half white, her real mother didn't want her so she left and her dad remarried. she was a Sikh, she was pretty rich. going to school to be a radiologist. She'd talk about how she'd get upset about her ex boyfriend of 3 years who had just broken up with her. I professed my love to her and she the same to me. We'd get into some very sexual discussion, but we'd also talk about being married and having kids. We talked about everything, even semi-planning out our wedding and future. Still, I always had anticipated that she was fake. She slipped up and was giving me these nude pics (obviously without the face). I saw that they were posted on tons of other places when i imaged searched them. I tried to get her/him to confess without outright accusing but they were stubborn. So I just outright showed them the website that I saw the pics were from. Immediately I was blocked and just disconnected. Even though I kinda suspected, it still was disheartening. I tried to send messages back, saying i wasn't even upset, I just wanted to know why they would do this and for so long. I mean we'd be talking every night for like 3-5 hours for nearly 2 months straight. Thats a huge investment on their part, they never wanted anything from me, or asked anything of me, just to talk with me. I just wanted to know something at least....Well, thats my story...
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Something similar happened to me. Only i let myself become too attached and too involved. Two days prior to our year anniversary, and six months into an engagement she threatened suicide. Told me she was a manipulative *****, and that I could do better. She signed out, and I didn't see her again.
I found out later that she had never committed suicide, and i think the hard part of all of it was knowing she had lied to me. The worst part was knowing that she didn't seem to care that her alleged suicide had nearly made me lose my faith in life and love. She was the first time I had thought I felt love, and if I could talk to her now, I really don't think it would change anything. I'd still give an arm and a leg for her to be happy, so i hope she is.