I Think I'm Finally Done... Or At Least I Want To Be.

So I already posted my story and know I need to end all the lying. Half of me wants to tell the truth and confess everything and hope for for the best but I'm too scared of what might happen.

I've also been thinking of just not talking to anyone anymore. To just basically ignore them and forget about it but I know I'll miss them if I do that. Both options seem horrible and I hate myself for getting into this situation in the first place.
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Tell the truth, as much as it hurts your feel such a relief. If you leave it and walk away it will always be in the back your mind eating a way. Take a leap of faith and see how strong a person you really are.

Good luck

Start over,
Hi - if you want you can message me. I'm a pretty good conversationalist, and an even better listener. :D