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Just So You All Know....

Sometimes people do accept you for who you are, even if you've lied. My boyfriend and I have now lived together 2 years in February. I Catfished him pretty bad with photos of someone else much more attractive than myself. I thought he was too good for me, too handsome, too smart, too normal and kind.

I was fortunate for him to see past the pictures, he loves me for me and moved across the country to be with me. So... sometimes the happy ending CAN happen. Be honest with whomever you are Catfishing... you have nothing to lose as you have already lost yourself in the mind games.

Every situation is different, and sometimes the extent of the lies/manipulation crosses the boundaries of photos only, to inventing full personas. Fortunately, I only lied about photos so it was easy for him to understand and realize he did know the REAL me as in my living situation, age, career and educational choices etc.

I know quite a few of you have invented full characters for yourself, but it is time to be free. Time to live life away from the glow of your computer screen. Live in the sunshine, feel the air on your face, make REAL relationships with people. I promise, it's better then the invention you've made for yourself. You will start to hate yourself less and less, when you start loving the REAL you more and more. You can let go. You CAN delete the persona and the shame you feel with it. Tell the one you love who you really are, give it a try. You never know what you might be missing. That tangible hand in yours, the feel of warm breath on your skin, is much better then any phone conversation or text.
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Wow... Crazy

Well written!

I guess I'm just one of those in the unlucky pile where I can't be forgiven or accepted for who I am, glad your story worked out well and I'm sure your stronger then ever.

Thanks for the story, I hope other people take the leap of faith and tell the truth, it sets you free and makes you so much stronger.

What was your experience?