The Real Me?

Lately I've been thinking about me and I don't think the me now is the real me. The real me love vintage and ancient stuff. I love The Trip to the Moon, Sweeney Todd. I was tried to watch Sweeney Todd with my friends and share what I like to them. But they laughed at the movie because of the singing in the beginning. And in many ways, I didn;t be the real me. I don't know what to do coz I know if I be the real me, I would only be laughed by my frieds. But i'm tired of not being me... I sometimes feel like I do not belong here, I belong to somewhere else...
americanogirl americanogirl
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Be the real you, i pretend to be 12 other people and i love it but for you, sometimes if you tell people about your real self, they'll accept you if they don't, then it's not you have a problem with yourself, it's they have a problem with you but you can find new friends and I'm sure they'll accept you.