My Lost Love

My air to breathe, the light in my life.

the beautiful tone of music to my ears.

she is my everything.

you say you miss me, you know i miss you.
but, i have still yet to prove that to you,

will i ever say my real "i love you's"?

a part of me is telling me to leave you behind,
the other part wants to be close to you.

so close.

the good and the bad?

the weak and the strong?

the dark & the light ?

i am living my life on a guilt of the pain i put us through,

you became my love,
your heart became my residence.
your soul, for me to long for.

i will never be satisfied, till i have you here with me.

a part of me is missing.

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013