I Faked Someone Online:(

Okay it all started a few years back, in 2009, I went on a chat site after my grandad had just passed away I was depressed and had always been bullied for my looks etc.
I went on the chat site a a bit of fun and made a different name and life so no one would like weirdly stalk me, I used someone's pictures too, and I started to talk to this guy of there he was really nice, and we got on so well, after about 1&a half years he found the pictures I was using somewhere else and he asked me who I actually was, instead of telling him the truth I panicked and told him someone else using different pictures, stupid I know but I was scared and he then believed that for a while, we were chatting constantly and still really close, and then a few days ago he asked me who I actually was, and if I didn't tell him he was going to the police to find out my IP address ( can they tell someone this?) and I ended up telling him the whole truth and showing him who I actually was, he called me a fat cow and ugly etc which has put me down even more, he then told me he still went to the police apparently anyway, and they want to talk to me, they then sent me messages saying they were the police off his email address ( would they do that?) saying that he wants to take this to court and it is a serious offence, I mean I know it ruined both of our lives for a while doing this, but I was getting my life back on track and don't want to go to court over this, he said he wants compensation and he asked for my full address but I am scared to give him it,
What shall I do? Someone help:(
Thanks x
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The jerk can't do anything to you.

If he can actually get your address from IP, there's a big chance that you'd live far away and what desperate idiot would buy a plane ticket or drive really far just to stalk a person?

Just ask him what your address is then. If he says "I'm not telling you" then you know that he's a faker.

Don't worry. You'll get over this someday. It works for me all the time

Since telling him me he wanted to be friends, we have spoke as friends but I dont really wanna be friends anymore he can be rude and he told me he wants both of us to move on so we have and then he keeps asking what ive done with him should I just die off slowly from him?

By law you can call yourself any name you like ,it is not an offence.The guy is just bullshiting you ,and after your address .tell him if he does not stop asking you for info about you you will go to the police about him . then just ignore him ,do not reply to no more emails

I found out he wants to stay friends with me etcbut still reported me:/

It's unwise to be his friend considering he's a grown up adult trying to get you to tell him your address... Do what you want but if I were you, I would keep him as far away as possible

Hey there I signed up for this thing just to tell you that you're fine and you actually didn't do anything wrong. Sure you said you were someone else but I can't even begin to tell you how many people out there pretend to be the lead singer of evenescense or Justin bieber.

I did the same **** when I was 14 too and it's not a crime. All you did was say you were someone else. You owe nothing to this pathetic *****.

You were just a depressed kid who wished you were someone else if for a little bit. Block him and any other harassing emails or what not. If he starts making different email accounts to harass you after you have blocked him and not responded then there are laws for what he is doing. Cops show up to front doors to talk, not to emails.

Ignore him.

Hi thanks for that
He said its not in his hands anymore and apparently it was a cop that was talking over email to me im still scared because I don't want it to ruin my life:(

It's not going to ruin your life and the cops would not get involved in this, he has no case against you. He is harassing you.

The police would not use his email address to contact you. It is highly unlikely that he would contact the police - YOU are the underaged girl here. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, ever give him your real name or address. If he keeps bothering you just cancel that account.

So is he pretending to be the police then do you think? And I know he's 19:/ and he said he has my IP address and he will find me from that, is that possible? I won't give him my name or address either

Yes, I think he is pretending to be the police to scare you. He can't take you to court for this. He is harassing you.

I am no expert on IP addresses but I know it is illegal to locate someone's home using an IP address without a judge's consent. Read this page: http://whatismyipaddress.com/find-me

Is there an adult at home that you can talk to about this?

Well it has worked he has scared me
Can you message me on here to talk about this please:)?
And can't he take me to court?
And ok thanks
And no I'm to scared to talk to them

I can't message you on here or access your profile because of your age.

I sent you a message don't know if that will work

Oh and if he knew how to look up your IP address he would not of threatened. He would have just did it. Don't worry, in the US, home addresses are hidden by the Internet provider, and Internet providers do not give out that information on customers without a warrent, so I wouldn't worry.

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