Life Lessons.

About 3 years ago (it feels like such a long time ago) I was a fake. I'm not going to sugar coat it because it's true. I'm not going to tell you my tragic story, but I want to tell you what the affects of being a fake are and if you are going through this: I understand. I fully and completely understand.

I guess the biggest question would be: why even start it at all? My answer would be: honestly, for everyone it's different. Maybe because of severe depression and loneliness, a mental disorder, or various other issues. But the outcome will most likely be the same for most people: it becomes an addiction at some point. I'm not here to discourage anyone because I've been there and back and then there again and now finally I'm back for good.

Like any other addiction it becomes time consuming, we become dependent on it, it's overwhelming. But like any other addiction it can be helped. Sometimes all it takes is spending more time with friends and family, talking to someone you're close with, or taking up a new hobby. Anything to pass the time you would normally use to be someone else. Other situations though, it's more serious. And it's your responsibility as a human being to confront yourself about what you're doing and get serious help. Not just for the sake of others, but also for yourself.

Personally, I found being fake so addicting because I had attention. People liked me, loved me, etc. As humans we all seek these types of things and what we can't find in our own environments we look for elsewhere. But it's not okay. Being fake is the very meaning of selfish. We take from others what we need and in return we give them nothing real. And in reality, what we get them from them is meaningless if we are lying about who we are as people. It's just not the same. The people we interact with are real people and they deserve more than lies and heartache.

I wish I could say it will all be okay if you confess now. If you pour your heart out. But it's hard. It's a struggle. And it's definitely something you live with. Even now, my past still has a way of tugging on my heart. But I still have my whole life ahead of me and so do most of you. It's all about taking life in stride and being okay with who you are as individuals. Don't try to act like what you did never happened; embrace it. But don't embrace it like you're proud, embrace it and accept that you've made a mistake. And if you're truly, sincerely, sorry about what you've done, then go out and do something with your life. Take what you've learned from this and turn it into something positive.

Just live your OWN life from this point on.
wecanovercome wecanovercome
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2013