So I'm a 17 year old guy who was pretending to be a girl that I know in real life. I really don't know why I did it, I guess I wanted attention, because she's really cute looking and cool. I changed her first name but kept her real true last name. Worst mistake of my life. I went out with a few guys on that profile, and I soon made more. It consisted of the girl, her brothers (her brothers in real life), and some of my friends I know, I kept their first names and last names, and gave the people who I was in a relationship my real phone number. I told them that I lived in Alabama, but I really live in Rhode Island, and I didn't really think they'd catch onto it. There was three guys who I had talked to and they literally meant the world to me. I'd talk to them everyday and they'd do so much for me, it was amazing. Well I sent them some videos of the real people but it was made from someones else's account and that's when they got suspicious. They started asking me questions, and eventually, two of them stopped talking to me. There is the one guy who wouldn't leave the profiles alone. So I still talked to him and he'd ask me to video chat and I'd always refuse to. So finally he found one of the real persons accounts and he added her. I was so heartbroken. I believe he thinks it was actually me doing it but I keep refusing to tell him that it was. Now there is this girl who I was close with who knows all about it and she helped me play a part of it. Now I'm scared that the guy I was talking to will find out who my friend really is and ask her and my friend will tell him. All of this is the worst mistake of my life.
18-21, M
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believe in urself?