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Pretending to Be Someone Online

im 17 years old and i have a problem with pretending to be someone else online. i have problems with going on other screen names and pretending to be people and facebook and myspace and stuff like that and i really need some feed back on what i can do to stop this cause i dont like doing this and i really dont know why i am doing this because im losing some of the friends i had because of it and because i got caught. i want to be friends with these people agian but they all think im a freak now because of this and i dont know what to do about it. any sugestions?

austin162 austin162 16-17 84 Responses Apr 23, 2009

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I had this problem for several years, starting when I was 11 or 12. I don't know why I started it, and I often got tired of it and quit altogether for several months, once even a couple of years. In my personal experience it came from my low self-esteem and the feeling that I could never been what I wanted to be. It didn't feel wrong to me, I simply felt like I was just being the "true" me, only under a different name.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I really found a way to cope- I started role playing. That sounds a bit crazy to some people but I started spending large amounts of time playing games like Dungeons & Dragons with my brothers and even tried larping (live action role play, you can learn about this by googling!!). I found that it gave me a way to live out someone else's life, and it didn't hurt anyone. It was extremely fun and I found it to be so stress relieving! So if you think this might help you I suggest giving it a try :) You never know, it might give you an outlet for your need to be someone else for a while.

Would love to hear more of your story - I am a casting associate for a new show. Please contact me for possible television show opportunity.

I've been making fake personalities for maybe a year now.

It started on an online game. I'm a girl, but pretended to be a boy along with some online friends, just to "troll."

I created a guy one day on the same day, and called him Alex. Me and Alex were "friends." I introduced him to some friends.

I made him private messaging apps. I talked to one girl in particular often. She developed a crush for him.

I don't like her like that, never will, never have.

Eventually, she asked if he was fake. I told her no. Still tell her no. We aren't even friends now.

But I didn't stop with Alex. I found a website where you write books. I create 3 Fake Girls and 1 fake boy. I've deleted 2/3 of the fake girls. Made the last girl date the boy. Gave him a tragic backstory, one that was NOTHING like my own. I thought of it as "oh, you're just telling a story, but in a different way, with REAL people." But I don't want that, I've just informed them all I'm taking a two week break as the guy. The girl already quit because she was upset that her and the boy broke up and felt terrible about it. I'm done with being someone I'm not. I'm sick of it. Tired of it. So tired. I want to be ME. ME not HIM not HER not any of them and that's what I'm doing.

I said, "If in 2 weeks I realize I can't live without this site, I'll come back. If not, I'm staying away forever."

And you can believe in 2 weeks, maybe tomorrow, I'm deleting EVERYTHING that isn't me. EVERYTHING that is him.

Alex has been dead for a while. No, I didn't pretend he died. He just moved away and decided not to talk to me. I'm so tired of it. The sad thing is I'm so young, I have a nice life ahead. A life that's mine. So not his. So.

I'm done. I was hoping to find something like a help to see if this will mentally affect me, maybe give me multiple personality disorder, but I'm guessing it won't. I hope not. Anyways, thanks for reading.

I have done this too I need help the person I love going out. We dated in real life now he hates me

I'm not gonna judge anyone of you, you have your reasons. I talked for a girl (or he/she/it) for a whole year before I found out that this person was fake. Found her on a gay site. I was, is completely in love with ms mysterious, but as soon as I confronted her, she removed everything. I knew, deep down that something wasn't right, but she was amazing. Her personality was gold. We talked everyday about everything between heaven and earth. She was my everything. But then she just dissapeared, two months have passed by and I still can't let go. All I want to say with this is, it's not fun to fool someone like this, I am so hurt, not mad, just hurt. She affected me in a way I can't describe and now I don't even know how to reach her. Cause she lives in the states and I'm in Europe. It's pain. Don't let it go so far, cause you only cause damage. I don't look down on you, but don't be afraid to be who you are. When you've captured someones heart, it's not a game anymore.. Maybe I'll never know who she was, all I know is that I will never forget her. Sadness through everything..

I've pretended to be someone else for years, ever since I started using online forums pretty much.
I've pretended to be other people, one persona in particular on forums but never made any real friends. It was all habit because I didn't like myself that much and these other people were who I wish I could be. Three years ago I made an account as my fake self just out of habit and I wish I hadn't and had created it as myself (I have occasionally been myself online, like now).

I've made great friends people who I hate HATE lying to so much. I say I'm older than I am, I live somewhere different, I have a job, am college-educated, am nine inches taller than I really am etc etc. For god's sake, I've been raving about this music festival I'm "going to" next month and people have said that they're excited for me. I'm not really going to any festival. This will mean fake posts the whole weekend I'm supposedly there, I already feel bad about it.

Lying like that never bothered me much until I found people I really care for. Every time I'm asked about a fake part of my life I cringe while I answer it with my lie. I can still bury the guilt fairly well, but one of the worst parts is the reason I made up a fake person is because I hated myself so much. I've changed in the past few years, my self-worth and esteem have gotten a lot better but it's too late I've been lying on this site for THREE YEARS and have no intention to stop because I can't abandon these people and all the things I've built on this site, even if it is fake.

I have done this too. Love to talk I need help

I can't believe there are so many people out there that have done this as well. I thought I was the only one. I recently just confessed to this girl that I was not a man because I do not feel like a woman. By being a man to her, I felt alive. Ive struggled with this since I was a kid. I did not ever think that I'd have so many years. We had a 5 yr long distance relationship on the playstation, text, and talking. I could not stop just like everyone else. I fell in love with her. I became consumed in a life I knew would never happen. At the time it made me happy but I knew someday that it would end and would hurt badly. Was I going to tell her the truth or just leave? A few days ago, I emailed her the truth of who I was because it was getting to the point where she kept insisting to webcam. I knew at that point I was not going to be able to get out of it. She had her doubts many times but kept the relationship. She didn't ask many questions nor express how she truly felt when she read it. She forgives me for lying but can never be with a woman. She said she needed time now to move on with her life and maybe be friends. Ive text her twice since then and no response but she did not delete our twitter feeds. Do I just move on or will she someday except me for who I am and be friends? I feel like I still owe her more of an explanation through email but I know that probably is not the best idea. I would rather have her as a friend than not. I do not know what to do.

I have that same problem only I'm younger .

I didn't know there were more people doing this, I'm a girl pretending to be a sweet asian guy, and I met a girl that is in a relationship, but even being a girl, I feel really good supporting her emotionaly, she tells me everything about her life and I made up a super sweet personality just to be like her teddy bear that she can trust and feel good with.

I'm inlove with her and I'm not destroying her life.

What I think you're doing is wrong on so many levels but...... Don't ever let her find out you're pretending to be someone else.......... That sort of thing can kill all the happy inside you and drive you to self harm or suicide.... Sadly I learned that the hard way.....

I have done this too. I dated the person in real life as well as catfished him. I need help if you could please rite back

Ok soooo im Jamie I somehow got into This i was acting Like i knew a famous person and the famous person'Keaton stromberg' And he knew this girl Andrea (Me) Who was best friends They use to hang out all the time And then keaton Met natalie and then Adrianna and then jessica and bailey and all these other chicks They Somehow Have still not found out im scared to tell them my true stroie And i got these photos of a girl andrea Who was really me Anyway i fell really bad cause i became really close to them And its just that you know i don't know what to tell them .... Help please

Me too

Don't feel bad you are not along ,I'm in the same battle ,God can help us he know we need to love ourself more read my story I have 13 fake profiles

Okay well, at the moment i am pretending to be someone else, that i know in real life. I havent done anything malicious or bad or any harm to anyone, i was just on this website and decided to make a profile of her, she is very pretty, prettier than me thats why. Ive saved pictures of her onto my computer and uploaded them. I feel really guilty, and ashamed and even scared if she finds out. What would happen if she found out? What would happen to me?? would I be sued or taken to prison or fined??

I am quite young (13) and she is 15, we go to the same school shes two years above me though. I need advice and help on what i should do because ive put up her snapchat too and people who have added her could ask about the profile if its really her? someone please talk to me

The only advice I can give you from my experience is stop completely. If you've enjoyed a relationship you have created, tell them who you are right now before it loses control. I lied about who I was to someone who means the absolute world to me, and now it feels like a part of me has died. Stop before you forget who you are entirely, and the guilt slowly deteriorates your soul into nothing but a frozen wasteland.

I doubt you'll get into any major trouble unless you are buying things under their name. It's harmless, but if someone impersonated me on the internet I'd feel incredibly violated. I wouldn't be surprised if she lashed out angrily.

Hey. I also did this but it was on instagram i never posted fake photos of the girl i literally just used that name to view inspirational photos etc on others profiles because i didnt want one because i didnt want to get addicted like i am to facebook. But these girls took it really seriously because there friend was called that name so i bit back and had a go and now they are saying they are going to get the police involved yet i wasnt doing any harm at all.. they acted as though that girl is the only girl with the name yet i know 2 anyway. So could the police get me done for this?

not unless you're obtaining things in her name like using her identity to mislead someone or get things illegally in her name.

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Reading these stories have calmed my nerves slightly, causing me to feel the need to post my story as well. It all started with me meeting a man on the video game World of Warcraft, just grouping up to play together randomly. At this time I was currently pretending to be male, when in reality I was female, and the greatest part was I impersonated a GAY male. Well- I instantly connected with this man and at first it was completely harmless. Flirting, laughing, getting to know one another, I saw nothing wrong with it until feelings began to spawn for one another. Most pretend to have a different personality, but I didn't, everything I told them was true except molded in a different fashion. It was me, who I truly was deep down inside... pretending to be male, and it made me feel so... confident. Honestly I have no quarrels with how I look as female, I get attention, I know I'm beautiful, yet this feeling within me constantly confuses my thoughts when I crave the need to be a man. Either way as the story continues, we've now been in love for 7 months, almost 8. I've sent this man packages, gifts, drawn him things. But of course as you'll probably assume by now, I did send him fake photos of myself. I didn't search the internet randomly, but I sent photos of my best friend, eventually he knew they were fake but never confronted me until... yesterday. The evening prior we brought up a very passionate, heavy subject then decided to put himself on webcam just to make me smile. To cheer me up, since I was upset. I've talked to him on the phone before with my voice... and he's always known I wasn't who I was in the photos because of jaw structure. The next day I showed him who I was on webcam, he loved me.. he told me I was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He made me tilt my head upwards to check for my Adam's Apple, seeing I had none but he didn't say anything, only continue to smile and tell me how much he loved me. Then after an amazing day of feeling so much relief, I came clean because I couldn't take it anymore. He was a bit stunned, but he told me he already expected it because I was too pretty to be male, and missing my Adam's Apple. Overall... right now he's upset because I lied to him. But this man... perhaps it's absolutely stupid, but he's dedicated to me. He doesn't want to leave me... he tells me how much he loves me, but is so hurt that I lied to him. But he's willing to work it out because he wants the future we've planned together, a true fairytale happily ever after... except I wouldn't be his prince, that's what... bugs me. I think I have a gender identity issue because as much as I love being female and feminine, I'd rather have the male genitalia on my lower half. All I have to say to the rest of you is... be honest. Be honest... save yourself the cruel pain. If they truly love you, they'll work to make everything right... but some things aren't meant to last. Truly it's terrified me how real it's become with the man I love, but perhaps it could work. He also doesn't claim that he's gay, "pansexual" more like it, but that scares me. Perhaps I wont be enough to satisfy him, even though he tells me I'm perfection itself even now. The feeling is horrible, frightening, and lonely... but eventually everything settles down back to calm waters. I've also previously pretended to be a male for 3 years before this, and it turned me into such a nut case. For the first time I was honest, and it feels... amazing. Let the weight drop from your shoulders, be honest... you're not only hurting yourself, but others as well.

Hello I'm going to say my story basically I made a fake account of a boy and I am a girl I spoke to the girl for 8months and they went out during them months she spoke to him once on the phone but that was my boy mate pretending to be him and she asked to face time and meet but i always Changed the subject I remember it was perfect she was madly Inlove I didn't even know I was Inlove until she found out she was genuinely my first love we spoke everyday for 8months on whatsapp and facebook and twitter one of her Mates in March 2013 said it was me but she didn't believe it that was 2months in to there relationship and then the 27th of July I woke up and seen the worst message my heart dropped I never felt this way before my other boy account which was suppose to be his bestmate I was speaking to her for a year and she me elver found out only once or twice but she carried on speaking to him and I never had that many feeling but this other girl she trusted this boy and the 27th of July 2013 I woke up to this message she had found out the real persons mate followed her and dm'd her on twitter she put things about me on twitter no body in my school turned against me because they knew but because she didn't go to my school everyone outside of school hated me I lost her my love my everything I felt so sick and a couple of months after she had a boyfriend a different one I hated it and I eventually told her me myself had feelings for her.l because of what happened she didn't know what to do at first but a few weeks after she got my number we texted eachother all day as me being me and her and she randomly said she had feelings for me my mates thought she was joking to get me back but she isn't I never thought she would have feelings for me but she got back with her boyfriend but I want her she's the person that makes me happy her and S would this other girl I like but this other girl is the best thing that ever happened to me I could never let anybody hurt her

i had almost the same story but she finished cuz we could have a real realitonship on "life". so that was the message that broke myheart. im not lesbian but i love heer! she is an amazing person. she blocked me on facebook n twitter. but she never found the thruth that i was a girl so maybe it good that it finish like that... but its difficult toforget her 13%"!%!#"%#%

I faked for almost a year. I had a few friends in on it, but I never meant to hurt anyone. It was a self esteem booster. Then I met a guy. Well, I had my real account friended to my fake one. And my real account, I was my fake account's cousin. Then, I met the love of my life.. he made a Twitter one day, looked up my "cousin" (me), and found out some of the things I had told him and linked to me. So he texted me and told me he knew, so tell him the truth.. we talked for hours. I came clean. This was over a year ago, and we just celebrated our two year anniversary. It took him some time, but he forgave me because he knows how I feel about myself. What I did was wrong, but I love him very much and he knows I never meant to hurt him. You just have to give it time.. it kills to be lied to by someone you're supposed to be able to trust with your life. But it's worth it if they're the right one for you. I promise.

Yeah... I've been doing this for a while too... since I was really young, at least 13..14 and I'm almost 24. I feel so ashamed but I am so afraid that the girl I was pretending to be will find out and that everyone will go on a witch hunt for me. I've always thought I was ugly I've always doubted myself and thought I'd be lonely forever. I've never had a real boyfriend because I've been so busy closing myself off spiritually that I'm blocking all the real love and my potential. I've been selfish because of having low self-esteem. Hating the skin I'm in...always wanting to be the thinner prettier girls. I'm lonely... and I've done it so many times...I came clean with two of the guys I had lied too and then became friends with them and still speak to one regularly. But the guy I talk to now... he's so loyal... I'm not worried about being crushed...I'm worried about telling him and him spiraling back into depression and just ruining his life. I'm afraid of hurting him. I've tried to stop texting him and vanish but he keeps reaching out... honestly I would die if I knew that my dying could bring him the girl he thinks I am. I'm afraid the truth would do him more damage. But sometimes I think he knows... in the over 4 or 5 years we've talked off and on we've never chatted on webcam...I've sent him only a handful of pictures. I've gone too far. I'm in too deeply. He's not someone who would be able to bounce back. And more than anything I'm afraid of hurting him and freaking out the girl I stole from... I really wish I would just die in my sleep. He's perfect...and being wasted on me. I wish he'd just hate me. I don't know what to do.. sometimes I wanna just tell him.. but he isn't like the others.. it would break his spirit. I just wish I could give up my life to make it right. I lied so much I just don't like myself. I'm trying to love myself so I can learn to love people and give my true self to people...but at the root I hate myself and I lie because I'm lonely and fear I'll always be alone. I know I've already hurt him... I just don't want to shatter him. I regret ever responding to his i.m. so many years ago. I've been so weak and so selfish. I wish I could give my life to make up for what I did and that if I died the girl I was pretending to be could love him and share life with him and make him happy forever.

I have done this too. You aren't the only one. I did it once for about 2 years straight, then stopped, and have kind of started back up again with the fakes. Honestly I don't know why I do it. I want to stop. At this point I think I'm addicted. Maybe not to doing it, but to the fact I can be anyone and feel better I guess. I don't know. But I feel your pain. :/

this is my story too. I wanted to friend someone who had a difficult divorce to give them encouragement but she wanted a relationship to rub in the exes face, so that made it a long drawn out thing with me trying to get rid of her without hurting her again, which caused me to do some really crazy things. Got busted and it is not pretty, being accused of wasting a year of her life and threatening with lawsuits.

I'm so sorry :( I honestly feel like I can't stop. I just wish I could talk to someone who knew what I did. Because I can't tell anyone or everyone will think I'm crazy.

I feel the sameway, I've donethis before and toldthemthe truth and the result was heartbreaking so I KNOW what I'm getting myself into. The question asked is always why? I think like u said, self-esteem and attention also. I'mcurrently involved with someone who wants to meet this weekend, after dating for 3 months. I'm really scared and ready to get this over with. He's really a lot like me, great looking n worst part he's described what he's not attracted to which physically, is me. I hope you r able to get through ur situation n all works out.

I' have 13 fake profiles I pretend to be the girlfriend or boyfriend of my other fake profile , I also have friends from other country's I have never fall in love with anybody I had this limit I have help lots of people. With my fake profile even sending girls in Salvador cell phones and tablets and in COLOMBIA I talk only sports. Then I log off and pretend. To talk to my other fake friend I find pictures of people and there friends , I pretend. To be engaged to this person the person I'm engaged is me , I have a model friend is me, I have a friend who is a business men is me. I have never harm anybody to all the propel I talk is about god , I don't like myself I'm always lonely. I suffer form pain attacks ,I came from a good family I want too stop this behavior in the name of Jesus .is not healthy I gave myself with the help of god to make this fakes disappear I already deleted one 12 more to go

Sorry my English panic attacks

My profiles is no too fall in love reason they have boyfriends is just to be somebody else cuz I don't find myself attractive,i only talk to people I talk about sports ,news nothing else I talk to my best friend is me too. to my boyfriend is me too.the real people I talk too I talk about how is their county ,I keep a distance no personal messages just in the wall I invented this
character he is very funny. And my best friend people laugh at his jokes but is really me

Hey there, similar thing happened to me but lasted an year... I too met a guy on the Internet we've been talking daily for almost 12 months, I definitely fell for him so as he. I fell in love for the first time. I wanted exactly the same things as you do. But eventually he found out that it wasn't the real me in the pictures.. its been almost half year since he knows the real me. Before that I was such a coward, never even wanted to think about revealing myself to him thinking I would hurt him too just like you said. But yes he was hurt.. He maybe still is and he is probably acting like he doesn't care. Right now we still keep in touch we even cam, i never even imagined that we ever would but I did. I still love him so much and I suggest you to tell him the truth as fast as possible. I think he would still love you for you because love has no barriers.

Omg our story so similar I wanna talk to you

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I have this problem too. I've been doing this for over a year and I used the identity of a celebrity. I met this girl and we became like brother and sister. Today she found out everything and I feel like ****. She was a really fun girl. She texted me all this stuff and I can't reply because she won't believe me. What can I do to fix this?

Me too, and I don't know how to break up with the person because I genuinely love them.

Are you pretending to be a real person or one you made up? Because if you are one you made up, then I don't see what the problem is.

i did it too i pretended to be someone else 3 months ago we fell in love so bad, i tied to breakup on the first week because i didnt want things to get serious but when ever i tried he used to send a photo of him holding a knife on his belly so i didnt do it, may be i didnt tell him the truth because i was afraid that he might kill himself, he promised me so many times that he will never leave me (we are gay). so last week he called me at 7 am i was sleeping he found out about everything i was so scared but pretended to be cool, i told him that i am telling you this because of your promises and i trust you so i told him the truth, i came on webcam we talked for like 4 hours both of us were really happy until evening, he suddenly messaged me on facebook that "i can't be with you can we be friends" that really broke my heart i tried my best for two days but he told me that he don't love me anymore so i gaveup on him, he was not really good looking, i need help to get him back or maybe some advice thank you.

So why does my looks matter if I truly showed him how it feels to be loved and always made him laugh and kept a smile on his face?

Also I just wanted to add I have a great personality (always make him smile and laugh) and he said that's what made him fall in love with me but obviously it's how I look that got him trying to avoid me.

I've been doing this for years. No one knows (except the people who are going to read this). I have low self esteem. I hate how I look. I feel guys don't want me unless they are desperate and just want me around for company temporarily or for sex. I feel the only way I can get guys to talk to me is if I pretend to be an attractive woman. My latest story is, I signed up on a website in November 2011. I met this guy who I will call "Terrell." We instantly clicked. Eventually he wanted to talk offline and I was kind of nervous about doing that because I had lied and said I lived in Atlanta. I did text/talk to him from my real number but lied to him and said that it was my "business" number from an app that creates a 2nd phone line on your cell. Of course he believed me. Then I created another fake number with an Atlanta area code and started communicating from that number. So things were going smoothly. I was feeling bad for lying to him. Eventually I started finding out that he was lying to me about things. He claimed he only had 1 child but found out he has 4 (Found out last year). He claimed he was single but he's really married (Found that out earlier this year). That made me not want to tell him my secret. I continued to talk to him anyway (A sign right there that I have low self esteem) just to have someone to talk to plus I really did love him. He loved me too. Within the 2 years we've known each other I did stop talking to him because of his lies but I would always go back to him. The last time we stopped talking was in May of this year and we started back talking in September. He was happy to hear from me and we started right where we left off. Then one day we were on the phone while watching a show together. Around 3 a.m. I told him I was getting off the phone to go to bed. I couldn't sleep so I texted him and said I was thinking about him. He said the same. Then he asked me was I really the girl I said I was. I said "Yes. Why?" He said he have his reasons why he would have doubts. So then he kept asking me and trying to talk me into telling the truth. Even though I didn't want to I did anyway. Right after I sent the text I turned off my phone and cried myself to sleep. Later that morning (remember it was already after 3 a.m. at the time of my confession) I turned my phone on and I didn't get a reply back to my message. That made me cry even more. I sent a text and told him I'll delete myself from his friend list on the site we met from. He texted back saying not to do it but it was already too late. So we texted and talked about my confession. He said he wasn't made at me because of the fact that he lied about himself too. I was worried he wouldn't like how I really looked. He asked for a picture and I sent it from my real number. The first thing he texted back was he asked me was I really from (my real state because of my area code). I didn't get a "you're cute" or anything. I literally had to ask about 4 times about what did he really think of my picture and he finally said I'm cute. But I think he only said that to be nice because he kept beating around the bush the 1st couple of times. So he said he still love me and want to be with me once he get a divorce from his wife (Claimed they've been talking about getting a divorce). And he also said I'm the only one who has ever showed him how it truly feels to be loved. I don't think the divorce is going to happen though. I was shocked he said it though because I thought he was going to lose communication with me. Well it's been almost a month since I confessed and things were going good until he started going days without texting or calling. When I was pretending to be another woman, he would always make time to text/call. Now if I text he might reply back 1 to 3 times and then stop and that'll be it for the day. And the best way for me to get him to text back is if I start complaining about how he's treating me. He'll say he's been busy but that's never stopped him from communicating before. Plus if he really loved me he would always make time to talk. So this past Tuesday I sent him 1 last text telling him to have a good day at work and told him that was going to be my last text. That was it. He replied back about an hour later saying "Hey baby...wyd?" I didn't reply back even though I wanted to but I know he's not into me now that he knows how I really look. Plus like I said he's married anyway so if a man is going to have what young people say a "side piece" I guess the "side piece" has to be beautiful. I'm really hurt though because if he wasn't interested in me anymore he could've said it instead of trying to get me to stop talking to him 1st (that's how I see it). And I guess he really didn't love me if it's that easy to get rid of me. He was just stuck on the looks. Now I'm lonely all over again

I do this because it gives e confidence and I can act however I want. Iam able to say no and tellppl mean things if they are tude I don't have much self confidence as my other friends in real life iamintheseventhgrade andnever had a boyfriend.. well I guess I am prettyugly plus I try to act like ikm cool but my self confidence bar lowers and I once again act like low term..

I have a pretty tragic story. I'm a 22 year old. My sex is a problem because I was born what you would call "intersexed". I have male genetalia, and female as well but I also have an underdevolped female uterus. It doesn't work, but on top of that I am infertile. I've been talking with the same girl for about 4 years over the internet, phone, and text. She's my life. Sweetest person in the world. I never want to hurt her. But I've never told her how I was born. She wants kids and to get married. But I can't give that to her. I've never told her the truth. I feel like if I did it would kill her. It would destroy her. I don't know how to fix it. I've never been close with anybody like I have been with her. Mainly just because she accepts me. I've never fake pictures. I've only ever used my own. But it's not my outer appearance except for my privates that would hurt her, even if she could overlook it, I could never give her kids. It makes me sick thinking about how long I've been lying. And in honesty it's not protect me, it's too save her the heartache. Somebody please help me.

I have a pretty tragic story.

I have done this also but I know why I do it. I get bored with life and it's nice to escape and pretend to be someone or something different than the real me. I was just wondering does anyone know if this is illegal?

No unless you're trying to obtain items illegally then yes it's illegal but roleplaying isn't a crime unless you're stealing their identity and receiving things illegally in said persons name


I just recently told my best mate the truth about me but still haven't shown her a picture of me she already hates me and even if it hurts it's my fault I should've just kept going but I felt bad and just had to come clean. It was my first time doing it and I immediately felt guilty, I just want things to go back to the way they were but they won't. I don't think she even wants to talk to me any more and I accept that.

Yes my experience is excatly as yours, i need to talk to someone. I need to come out clean. chelseacrazy75 at gamail dot come

Could really use someone to talk to that has been through this.

Hi(: I'm here if you would like to talk to me.


Hey what's your kik I need someone who understands /;