Why I Pretended to Be Someone Im Not Online

i did this because im ashamed of myself. i constantly dont think good things of my self only things i need to work on and never get any satisfaction from any of this. i used to look at people i looked up to in a way and saw them with girls i could never get and wanted to be like them not them in person just get and act like they do. i dont know how to tell the people i did this to i  did it even though i got comfronted about it and i want to say im sorry but i dont know if that would be good enough and i dont know how to get them to be my friend agian. someone help me out?

austin162 austin162
2 Responses Apr 23, 2009

dont do it, quit it and say farewell to that part of your life and get out there and find your dream girl!

welcome to life....that's everyone's story. we all envy someone or some lifestyle. i daydream all day about getting hot chicks. i know it aint happening but it keeps me sane daydreamin'... lol.