I'm Possibly The Biggest Fake In Social Networking.

One and a half years ago I made the worst mistake of my life. I created a fake e-mail address using the images, videos, even same interests of a particular person. I did this because I was kinda attracted to that person, and thought how cool it would be to be them, so what I did, was set up a fake e-mail address and posted this e-mail address on a "Need Adds" website. People then added me, and I spoke to them as if I was that person. It seemed like it was harmless, until I met someone which I don't really want to name, it's unfair, so I'll call them "buddy". Buddy was one of those people that stood out from everyone else I met from the add site, and was also very attracted to the person I was pretending to be. Anyway, I talked to/talk with Buddy every single day and still do, even to the point where I know them as well as the back of my hand. 

Anyway, there is more. Things have got worse. Much worse. I then began to become amazing friends with this "Buddy" and several other people over MSN. The person I was pretending to be became part of me. When I logged on as that person, I became that person. The person I'm imitating is completely different from me, and just logging on as that person made me become them. This continued for two months until along came 2 others. Which I'll name "2" and "3". 

Two and three were yet another two people I created around the first person (One). These two others were added because I was attracted to them as well, and also to add realism around One. The fact these other two people were friends in real life with the real person I was imitating helped me, as it again, built realism. But then, it got even worse. Can it get worse? Oh yes. 

To build realism for Two and Three. I made Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine Ten - ... and so on until I get to somewhere around twenty five. Twenty Five fake people. So then came the pressure of getting all these fakes to talk at the same time, and become like a real web of people. So I began to multi-task. I mainly talked as one person at a time if I could , using the excuse "It's the same laptop and I have to give it to the others for them to borrow to talk to you" and when I went on holiday , I would have to say "We all went on holiday together". Obviously I wouldn't say these things like that, but they are examples. I have used many clever, but very bad tricks to fool Buddy and the other people into believing these people exist more. The horrible thing is, is they do. I'm so perfect at being a fake, it is UNREAL. And no. I am not proud of that at all. :(

I'm constantly managing around twenty five people at once, whilst trying to go to school and achieve good exam results at the same time (which somehow, I'm managing). Also, my parents are becoming concerned about the fact on school nights (where I have to get up at half past seven) i'm going to sleep every single night at around two am. 

Some examples to show how much of a real fake I am, is some of the horrible techniques I use, like tracking down these real people (who's identity i'm stealing) and using pictures, addresses, even fooling them into believing I'm their friends, in order to get closer to them, in order to steal more information, videos and pictures off them (even though I have only done this properly with one person). Another example is fooling Buddy with the webcam trick. Someone told me that you know someone is real when you see them on webcam. So I went onto one of the video websites One uses, and using a second computer, filming them recording them self on webcam with my webcam to for a few moments to basically prove to Buddy this person exists. And it worked. The even more horrific thing is Buddy is a smart person, heck they are getting higher grades than me, and in a horrible, nasty and sick way, i've outsmarted them. I've used little techniques i've thought of myself which are plain smart in the worst way possible. One more example is I would find a collection of photos of One , Two or another say being at.. the fair?, and save them. Then I would tell buddy "I" was going to the fair on a particular date and would wait until that date ended, then upload those photos onto Facebook. Basically fooling them into again believing these people are real. 

I want it to end. I started it, and for starting it, i'm a sick and twisted person. It began as harmless fun, and evolved into an addiction.  It would be so kind if someone found some advice, or someone like me! It's killing me, but I still like it, as if a cocaine addiction. I need some advice that isn't just "Stop then". If I just ended this Buddy would be left , on their own, heartbroken his friends left him. 

One and a half years, this has been going on for. Also, these people are Americans i'm pretending to be. So i've had to work against the time zone thing- hence staying up late. 

Sorry about mistakes, and I hope someone gives me some positive feedback :) 

Thanks so much. 

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my story's so long i wanna talk to you bout it! message me or something. AND WOW 25. omg i cud never do that . i have like 5/6

too much effort into making 25 fake profiles

Oh my goodness...all I can say is wow. I completely understand what you're going through, I'm going through a similar thing. It started with me making an account of myself on a group chat app...it went downhill from there.

I used to think I didn't care about my looks or anything, but that's just a mere fa├žade when I'm around people in real life. On the internet, I get so much more insecure. Every time I attempt talking to someone in the cyber world and they don't answer back on purpose (I can tell because they change their profile picture) I start beating myself up and saying,"Wow, another person thinks I'm too ugly to even talk to, what the ****." Sometimes, I put up pictures that hide my eyes, and when I show people how I look like without photo filters and eye covering, they ignore me. I can't even be myself around anyone for fear of being rejected/ignored because I'm ugly AND a freakoid.

Anyways, I went on my (real) Facebook, and while I was looking at other peoples walls and pictures, I came across a familiar name. I've moved around a lot, but the person, let's go with Sally, was someone I recognized from 4th grade. I remember it, I was the awkward-but-friendly new girl back then, and she was disliked by everyone. I didn't like the fact that she smelled, but she was pretty much an acquaintance. I witnessed when kids would make fun of her at recess and how she kept her head low because of her low self-esteem. It's extremely horrible, now that I look back at that; I've had my share of bad times in school.

Anyways, Sally really turned out absolutely gorgeous (no-homo) and I compared her to how she was before. I felt proud that she'd moved on with things and blossomed, but I also felt guilty. For not helping her out back in 4th grade, and for not befriending her because everyone else didn't like her. So, I looked at my situation and thought of how much of an impact I could have on people if I had her looks and my intelligence/personality. With her looks, I could show people that not everyone is judgmental and with that set an example. I honestly had good intentions and that initially was my most vital goal of using a fake account. I also wanted to get know more people and have them impact my life as I could theirs, I swear you can't find honest friends anymore. I went through her pictures and ended up saving a few photos and made an account with a fitting username and alias. I associated the new account with my old account to make it seem more realistic. Horrible mistake.

I honestly don't remember all that's gone on in the last six months. For one thing, my/Sally's account attracted many people. And no one suspected that I was fake for the most part and when they did, either my belittlement of them or someone I befriended had saved me from the embarrassment. I eventually became friends with one guy and he was the portal to where I'm at now because he introduced me to all his friends. But also, through him I became corrupted. My sole purpose for making the account had changed and now I'm trying to be Sally. Since I got like a ****-brick ton of pictures of Sally, people would seldom question my validity. And because of my weird, outlandish personality, Sally's persona seemed very true too. I also made an account on Instagram so I can get her latest photos and such. Also, there are some people who bust fakes by looking up there picture on an app photo search engine. I got it to make sure no one could bust me. I've really been unfaithful to my cause and I wish I didn't like it. I wish I could just stop, but then I'd feel bad because of the wonderful friends I've made. I love talking to all these people and being Sally has become an instant switch-on habit. No one knows about my app life nor fake account because I know it would be too out of norms for anyone to be able to fathom.

It affects my life too. My mom thinks I have a boyfriend that I text all day or something. Guys see me as a friend, plus I omit and obliterate all amorous feelings. Heart disease is hereditary in my family and I have hypertension at my young age. Because of my app life, I go to bed 2 in the morning at best. A lot of times, I don't go to sleep, and if I do it's only for an hour or two. I stay up so late due to starting my homework at 9/10 at night while being Sally. When I get home, I pass out for hours. I've been going to sleep that late since the summer, it's a habit I never broke. My mom is worried because she knows lack of sleep eventually takes its toll on the body and especially due to my hypertension since I'm working my heart even more than it's been working already. My grades last year were straight A's year round, and now I'm lucky if I can even get it to a B. I've missed school due to oversleeping, and that just digs my hole even deeper. Right now I'm off for a week because if Thanksgiving and all I've done the past five days is sleep, read, and be Sally.

I'm was tempted into making another account so I could ditch being Sally. Being someone who you aren't is absolutely wretched and despicable, but you must understand, I just cannot stop. My life is moderate, and at the back of my head I know pretending to be someone and acting so horribly is bad for me and bad for the person. It's 4:30 in the morning as I'm writing this. The reason I came across this page is because I was Googling how to be more legit and how I could get in trouble for using someone I know's pictures. One of the people my app friends associate with said I was fake. I got lucky because everyone didn't even acknowledge his comment. I read this person's story and was astonished and sad. I'm happy that I'm not alone, but the fact that people suffer from both ends of the fake account business is horrid. I've been trying to break all these habits but it seems unreachable. There's a quote by Dean Koontz that rings true to my heart,"When a liar became too skilled at deception, he could lose the ability to discern truth, and could himself be more easily deceived." I'm living a lie. I wish I could come out and tell them I'm fake and have them accept me as I am. But I know that won't happen. I can't handle rejection. I've befriended fake busters. I also know they would make it spread and it would not only ruin my own personal image in the cyber world, but crush Sally's. They absolutely hate fakes and will reject me in the worst way possible because they've trusted me for so long. I can't, I really can't do it. I even wanted to make a writing account and publishing a story on the website as Sally. Help would be splendid. It's like once you get sucked into the black hole, you can't get out. Right now I'm working on getting on less and less frequently, but it's starting to feel impossible too. If you read this whole comment, thank you so much for taking the time to do so. I feel a tad bit better and fortified.

heyyy would you mind talkin to me ?

wow 25 is confusing with differrnt ways in speaking.add me pls

I'm sadly like this to but I give myself a different name and personality but I do this face to face and it has got to the point that I don't know how to be the real me. I'm the character I created now

I'm not judging any person on here - but someone stole my pictures off of my Facebook a year ago and made a fake profile. To find it and to feel like someone else was using MY face and pretending to have the pictures that I had made me feel sick. It made me so angry that someone could pretend to be me (with a different alias) and just get away with it. To this day I have not found out who it is, but I did report them and I did write on every single picture of theirs that they stole those photos from my Facebook. This is just so everyone can see from the OTHER side how awful it sucks to have YOUR face stolen and used to trick and manipulate other people. What if those people would have met me in person? It just upsets me so much. I have protected all my pictures on Facebook and I'm still afraid to unprotect them - I'm still afraid something like this could happen to me again.

wow is all I can say pretty awesome I use to fake other girls just to see how my boyfriend would react to that particular girl and if I was proved right I'd bust them then dump them if I was proved wrong I'd actually tell them it was me the whole time and I'd apologise about the whole thing.

It amazes me that you all cheerlead this behavior and people even offer to help perpetuate it by offering up voiceovers!<br />
<br />
This person obviously has come to the correct conclusion that impersonation and lying is not healthy.<br />
<br />
My advice is to write down why you feel you have to do this. Is it insecurities? Have you been hurt by family members or degraded in some way? What is it about the "real" you that you don't like? What are the things you do like?<br />
<br />
You don't rock. You are hurting the person or persons you are fooling. Come clean and seek professional advice.

25 people, wow you totally rock!

i've done the same thing. believe me. i know what its like. with the whole find people they know so they can look like they're out together and uploading pictures at a certain time. and making fake proof pictures with photoshop. i feel very horrible about it. i even "dated" people and make me being real seem more real the only thing that i've got going with that is that they are to ashamed to say we never met in real life so they actually lie too. but our dating time has only gone from 1-4mos. and excuses excuses i just keep making them up.... so i by the end of our "relationship" i kind of avoid phone calls and IMs and say its not the same i'm not feeling them anymore. etc. and they say "well if we actually hung out then..." i've stop dating people in the same state. but it looks better on facebook if it do date a person all the other people i'm trying to fool knows well i know they wont tell that we've never met. :[ i feel really bad. and wanted to stop so many times and wish i could tell them who i actually am.. but i get so..insecure. i've told two people who i actually was.. one guy told me. "no matter if you have one leg or you're ugly fat or anything i love you for your personality" and of course i believed him and told him.. and we dont talk anymore he hates me. but i dont really care. i kind of wish i didnt tell him.. just end it with him ..because i think he told his friend who told his new girlfriend. who was friends with this other guy i was trying to "date" and he stopped talking to me....im so weird... then this other guy i've been friends with this year it'll be 4 years and he's like my best friend he makes me so happy. when he talks to me. i told him because i really do love him and i've fallen in love with him <br />
<br />
he was mad at me at first..but he still talks to me. but i know he doesnt trust me. what i've done it worst than cheating i think.. i lied...so...much is embarrassing to think about all the lies i said and the pictures i've shown.. and to talk to him about old times. and its not the same our friendship i want it to be the same and thats my goal now trying to make our friendship the same. as it was. and actually meeting him in real life. [he lives in a diff state] and trying not to be fake anymore..<br />
<br />
i havent deleted my accounts.. i just cant they're like apart of me. like when i log in i forget who i am and i'm that person.. i hate myself. sometimes. but i'm trying not to fake anymore

I've been through the same thing. Not all the way to 25, I say! I always thought I was the only person like this.. with his problem.. I feel so relieved to find other people with the same thing. I'd like to talk to someone about it, too... Today, one of the my "friends" that I pretended with caught me. They had my phone number, and I changed the number so I wouldn't have to deal with all of them finding out... I think I'm a sick and disgusting person because of this. It's an addiction.. and I don't want to go it anymore.

lost the pw to my other name. If anybody wishes to exchange voice recordings, contact me at reclusive129 @yahoo.com without the space or here via private message.

25 people...All I can say is I'm stunned..I am a guy willing to exchange voice recordings with a girl, or even skyping, for the purpose of giving our alternate identities a voice. Message me privately if you want

you're so brave... you have no idea how much just knowing I'm not alone has helped me. I have this exact same problem, only it's been going on for two years and it's not people I know, I'm creeping on people via MySpace and stealing all of their stuff and changing up names and junk. but still the same, I know your pain. and just knowing that someone else knows this pain helps me so much. thank you.

Its the internet, people enter it at their own risk.

Its the internet, people enter it at their own risk.