On the 29 Dec me and my brother had a argument after I knocked over his drink with my wheelchair we where shouting at each others for about 20 seconds then he said **** of you cripple I sat tryed punching at him but missed I went to my room my chest hurt I was nearly crying it hurt me so much we never got along but to say something so hurtful knowning I am new to this life relly got to me I don't know if I will ever forgive him
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wow, he shouldn't have said that at all, that's not smart, I guess everyone is affected by this kind of thing, my grandma is on a wheelchair and of course her situation affects her daughters who take care for her, it's complicated but I guess he needs to understand that he can't be like that to you and that now more than ever all of you should try and try (it's not easy, I know) to support each other, make agreements and try to get along a lot more.

That was a real ****** thing for him to say. But siblings are known for saying things no one else would dream of. And i'm sure it hurts more coming from him, I bet he does love you and he'll probably be feeling really guilty now. It's not easy to admit how you feel to your family sometimes but try and work things out as blood really is thicker than water

What a wicked thing to say to you I understand exactly where you are coming from,never give in,keep fighting your inner battle,as I keep on telling you one day the sun will shine down upon you,I would love to be in contact when that time does come,it may take a long time however I am going nowhere.

Well I'm sorry man, that just sucks your bro said that to you... you know how ppl say bullshit when they get pissed, try not to take it to heart, know he probably spoke out of anger