Dont Love The One Who You Love If They Dont

i met a man he was so kind, we were so good together. but people was saying a lot but he was showing other. but now i reach to the point that im pregnant and hating him with all my heart because he is a liar, and abusive person. we was planning to live together so i moved in and help buy house supplies he even lend money from people that i now.

the thing is now they wanna charge me for the loan that he made. that really bothers me but i hate the fact that you are owing someone and not paying back. during the month i dont worry with the issue but as soon as the month is finishing i can feelthe spirit of the lady who wants her money and she calls me like crazy.

i pretend that i dont worry with all what he got me through now, but it is killing me inside. sometime i wish i had a gun to just shoot him up. when i visit his prof on FB he is like putting message as if he is a victim o, but he is a walking devil. but im asking God to help me pay the lady her loan because it is not fair for her even if it is not my loan even if i lost all what i bought such as stove, washing machine bed etc etc. but the Lord God is who i trust. but sometimes someone to talk to is really needed.and i dont have one. most of the times friends just wanna know your business.

needed to write this because i am bleeding inside i never wanted such a future, my dream was always family.
but ya God knows best and maybe this is my cross
Badlyhurt Badlyhurt
Dec 6, 2012