Pain Is All I Got

Hi all,

I m kinda new to this place. Recently i moved to this new city, where i m terribly lonli, i hav no one here, i m loosing my mind. Sinkin into the depth and someone just walks into my lyf holds my hand, for a couple of weeks we did stuff together and all of a sudden he just doesnt want to see me or talk yo me like he is ignoring, and i do not know wat wrong i did. Again I m back to hell, guess thats where i belong. Y cant he just lov me? And we go back to doin things together. I just wish to disappear, maybe like die like fall from a building and nevrr wake up again to this pain. I feel like slittin my wrists and see the blood flow. It will b better than the pain.
misysunshine misysunshine
Dec 11, 2012