Fake It With A Smile.

Im 13. Going on 14 years old. Im ALWAYS depressed. I have gotten shingles over 3 times in 2 years..for those of you who do not know, it is very unlikely people over the age of 50 get it,You cannot even get the vacination until you are 50 or older. Ive learned almost everyday that nobody cares about my problems... so what do i do..? fake it with a smile...Keep all my problems an emotions bundled up...what will happen in the end.. i dont know.. an i dont care honestly,nobody cares so why tell? I used to think i was the only person depressed an always feeling hopeless an alone,until i found this site,an i any happier? no. But it does help to know your not the only one.
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Dont go to the 'i like a good joke' section in EP as it brings on a deeper variaty of depression that contaminates anything else you look at.

Hearing that you suffer with shingles puts sadness in my heart. I will give you some words on encouragement to help you with more positive thinking. First off it could be worse, it almost always could. A steadily disease, in curable or loss of a limb lol. I could say to take this misfortune and use it as an chance to focus on your personal self. Do things that benefit your body (as well as your mind) and you will easily be able to look past your depression with such a [light] issue. Best of wishes

thank you!

First, Ur wrong about shingles , jus saw a commercial , retired fireman had it, ...& Ur not alone here on EP, Cuz over half of EP consists of depressed or lonely ppl, so yull FIT right in here friend :)

How am i wrong about shingless...?

Ive been to the hospital many times,cause it has almost crossed my spine, my mom has asked about the vacination, they said i could not get it until i was 50 or older.

REREAD the first 2 lines of your story, thn reread my comment, ...pretty self explanatory

Ur missing the point, u said unlikely for ppl over the age of 15 Wud get shingles, the commercial shows a retired fireman had it

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