I Fail At This

To be honest, it's hard for me to try to pretend anymore. I know everyone saw through my smiles, and now that I no longer do that sort of thing, everyone's asking me why I'm so down. I don't frown for attention; in fact I'd rather nobody ask, since the answer is something that will just burden them since there is no solution to my troubles. We pretend for those around us. I for my mother, although she's known for years that I've been throwing a mask on.

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Try to travel & try some new things that u haven't try yet .. It may help u tu refresh ur life .. =) ! break down the routine

i wish you get trough it !

My dear girl, if there really is not a solution to your problem you must figure out a way to live with it with more peace. Nobody can help untill you tell a trustworthy adult the problem. Your mom knows the problem and she has no advice? Hon nothing is hopeless. some kids are born with very bad parents this would not make the "child" bad it would be the adults. Please think about confiding with a responsible trustworthy person, if you want to talk I will listen. take care. oh I am 48 mom of 2 kids mom of 4 horses 2dogs 2 cats and a very big mouthed bird, God' my best friend well this is my resume please if not me TALK to someone, trustworthy I will say a prayer :)

No, I know its not just a phase, and I know how hard it can be when you are a teenager, I spent most of my teen years depressed, I started theropy only a few months ago and I'm 20.

I know keeping a secret can be really draining, and I know how "full" your head can feel. What makes you think of your parents as immature? Sorry, I don't know your background. It's really sad that you feel that you have had to grow up before your time.

Message me whenever you want, I'm glad that it helps knowing you have someone to speak with. If you'd rather speak of this more in private, you can message me personally if you want on my account if you would prefer, it's up to you.


Wow. Thank you, I really appreciate this. Just finally having someone that knows my situation and saying that they're there to talk really helps.

I actually live in the US, but the problem isn't that I don't think I'm not ready for a therapist, it's that I'm seventeen. It would be impossible to see a therapist without everyone in the family knowing about it.

Ah I hope the fact that I'm so young doesn't make you think I'm just some teen that's going through a phase. The truth is I feel like I'm forty sometimes. Growing up with irresponsible parents, I've been having to force myself to mature faster than I probably should have.

I know what you mean, I was paranoid at first, they aren't happy pills or anything, but they give you the boost you need to get out of your depression. What do you mean by "can't see a therapist yet" because i think you can.

What country you from? If you are from england you can get some seasions free on the NHS.

I don't want to push you or anything, but it's something to think about. I know how horrible it is to go through this, and I hate hearing of other people going through the same.

If you ever feel as though you need to talk, just message me, I know its not the same as talking face to face with someone but it might help


I think I may have too much paranoia built around anti depressants to take them, but I have been thinking about seeing a therapist or something. Trouble is I can't yet. Someday hopefully.

Thanks for the support :)

Hi, your story sounds similar to mine, I'm sorry you've had to go through this. Thanks for putting a comment on my story, it does help knowing I'm not the only 1. If you are depressed about this maybe go to the doctors, I was diagnosed with severe depression and was put on anti depressants and saw a councillor. It has really helped me, maybe it would help you, I know it is scary, the thought of going, I didn't want to, but it was really worth it for me. Hope you get happy :)