I Don't Want People Worrying About Me

You have those days when you're just glad to be alive and around everyone. Those days when you're happy to be around people even if they're full of hate. But you also have those days when you feel like crap, where the world seems like it's coming down on you because of something you did or something that happened to you. And it's just so hard to seem like you're not sad. I love all my friends and they take care of me when I need it regardless of whether I want their help or not but I feel so bad because I feel like I'm taking away their time and wasting it on my problems. So, what do I do? I try to act happy for them. My friends know me very well. They know how I laugh, what's my real and fake laugh, what I smile at, etc. And when I tell them something that's wrong and try to act happy,...they know it's not true. They know that behind my smile are groans and moans of pain, they know that behind my eyes are the tears waiting to spring out, they know behind my laugh is another sob on the verge of coming and yet, I still pretend. I don't like making other people worry, I don't making them sad, or hurt because it hurts me,.

stripesANDsunshine stripesANDsunshine
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2009